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  1. ApachePrime

    Top 16 Philadelphia Regionals

    1-0 after 6-0ing a darkrai/hydreigon. Started Terrakion. Turn 3 darkrai knock out. He drops Shaymin, whiffs on the blend and catcher rebirth switch ko. He hits me for 90 and I retreat into a land crush FTW. 2-0 after a great game against a good eels pilot. Came down to 2 prizes to my 1...
  2. ApachePrime

    Kamen Rider - Hopefully I'm not the only fan

    So, I'm a HUGE Kamen Rider fan. I started watching with Kabuto and very quickly caught up. I fell in love with the series and ended up getting into the toys. My favorite series is Den-O, with Decade as a close second. Den-O just grabbed me. Time Travel mysteries, characters that all grab you...
  3. ApachePrime

    Florida Battle Roads!

    Okay, so here's the info for a handful of Florida BR's: Saturday, September 18, 2010 Port St Lucie Community Center 2195 SE Airoso Blvd Port St Lucie, FL 34984 Registration: 9:00-9:45 Tournament Start: 10:00am Sunday, September 19, 2010 7th Inning Stretch 11941 Bostick St # D Dunnellon, FL...
  4. ApachePrime

    Rulings Updates for Worlds: Important!

    Per Pokepop(On the Professor forums): The following Ruling Updates will be in effect at Worlds (as well as next season). Please spread the word that that Worlds competitors will be prepared. We have to get the official wording on this, but Unown G (and other effects that block attack...
  5. ApachePrime

    PT-on 30 Card - Professor Cup 2010

    So it was announced that the professor cup at will be a modified legal Platinum on, 30-card format. This means 2 copies of each card in a PT-on format. The format extends to all sets released come Nationals, so our HGSS2 set will be out by then. This also means it may be the introduction of...
  6. ApachePrime

    Autumn Tins - Knakrack C Lv. X? What?

    FUNNY STORY TIME GUYS We went to our local game shop today, and lo and behold! The autumn tins! I bought a Garchomp C tin, we opened it (and got a Blaze FB lv X in one of the packs!). Score! We finally took a good look at the Garchomp card, and we see that it's in german. WAT. The copy on the...
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  8. ApachePrime

    IFDS Magnezone Promo - Has anyone seen this before?

    Has anyone seen this promo before? I traded it for a helix fossil, but cannot play it at league until I get a translation! I also havn't seen another metal Magnezone in IFDS, did I just miss it? Does anyone know where it comes from? Also, I can rescan for WPM, if you want to put it in the...