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  1. gareth

    All “Lost Abyss” Secret Rares Revealed!

    So entitled, lol. You're not paying them anything. This is literally free info!
  2. gareth

    “Infernape V Box” in September!

    Cheer up! It's meant to be enjoyed :)
  3. gareth

    Ultra PRO Releasing New Booster Box Displays!

    I'm a collector, and I enjoy having sealed things on my shelf. There's something about it. I don't know why, but I can say with certainty that I enjoy it, as much as you like having an anime girl as your avatar.
  4. gareth

    $60,000 Mewtwo Card Lost or Stolen in the Mail, $1,000 Award Offered

    Shame on them. And also, a good warning. We don't know all the circumstances and requirements of this sale. But for a physical thing this valuable on the line, imagine how you'd handle moving that same cost in cash, then do that. Best of luck, hopefully someone comes through.