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  1. Creez

    Discussion Raichu Circle Circuit Viable Still?

    Hey guys, im still new to pokemon so im not 100% sure about that but, wasnt raichu with the attack circle circuit able to do competition? is that card dead? i bought some generation pack and got a playset and was wondering . can it still be good in the current format? or totally garbage?
  2. Creez

    Standard Fire birdy ( Talonflame break deck 2017)

    I am trying in and out, the deck is almost complete but i feel something is weird about it any help would be appreciated.sorry im on my phone to write this post since my cpu broke POKEMON:15 4 Fletchling sts 2 Fletchinder sts 4 Talonflame sts 3 Talonflame break sts 2 Houndoom-Ex bkt...
  3. Creez

    How to Use Achie's Ace in the Hole

    As the tittle says, i wanna use archie ace in my poliwag deck since i want to add the new Empoleon from Bkt in it, but i dunno how to use archie to his full potential how to get it fast and set quickly. any advice or i juste try to use ultra ball and maintenance?
  4. Creez

    Standard Marowak Break / Hawlucha / Lucario EX

    Pokemon: 16 3 Cubone BKT 3 Marowak BKT 3 Marowak Break BKT 2 Hawlucha Furious Fist 3 Lucario-EX Furious First 2 Shaymin-EX Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 33 2 Trainers' Mail 3 Ultra Ball 1 Professor's Letter 2 Muscle Band 3 Focus sash 3 VS Seeker 3 Fighting Stadium 3 Robo subs 1 Lysandre 4...
  5. Creez

    Standard Seismitoad EX / Politoed / Poliwrath

    I know Shaymins would be good in it , but i have no shaymins.... im planning on getting some but for now i don't have. I have tried with rare candy, it was working decent, but i thought adding octillery for more draw, would get my evolution faster so i wouldn't need it, plus octillery i can use...
  6. Creez

    Standard Doublade / Ariados

    This deck is pretty simple and quick to learn i'll explain in the strategie. Pokemon: 16 2 Shaymin EX 2 Hawlucha (Furious Fist) 2 Ariados (AOR) 2 Spinarak 4 Doublade (False Swipe) 4 Honedge Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 36 2 Acro Bike 1 Eco Arm 4 Level Ball 1 Sacred Ash 2 Switch 2 Trainers'...
  7. Creez

    Ruling Wobuffet's Bide Barricade Ability

    Simple question, me and my mate are just wondering maybe we don't read the sentence correctly but wobuffet ability is: and golbat /crobat is: why does it work wobuffet state , pokemon in play and even hand. and as far as i know you play golbat from you hand ,even that he is in play right...
  8. Creez

    Standard XY-On: Noivern / Eeveevolution

    Hey guys since the new ANcient origin pack just got released i decided to try something with noivern and the new eevee evolution card to see if i could make something about it! it does work but sometimes meh im not getting the best hand :/ anyway here is the list Pokémon: 17 1 Vaporeon AOR 2...
  9. Creez

    Standard Noivern / Meowstic

    Pokemon: 12 4 Noibat 4 Noivern 2 Espurr 2 Meowstic (FlashFire) 2 Shaymin EX ( when i'll have them) Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 31 2 Professor Juniper (will change for sycamore, when can) 3 N, (dunno what to switch for N and colress for the rotation, only have this atm) 2 Colress, (dunno...
  10. Creez

    Expanded Scrafty / Espeon

    Pokemon: 19 3 Scraggy (PLS) 3 Scrafty (PLS) 4 Eevee (FFI) 4 Espeon (PLF) 2 Glaceon (PLF) 3 Deoxys EX (PLF) Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 23 1 Energy Retrieval 2 Colress Machine 1 Team Plasma Ball 1 Sacred Ash 4 Muscle Band 2 Silver Bangle 2 Ultra Ball (thinking of changing for Level Ball when...
  11. Creez

    Rotation Out-In List

    Hi guys, im still fairly new to the game, i know how to play but i still don't know wich card are ban and wich are not, is there a list that i could see, so i don't play the wrong card or even a site who do update them often, thanks. Could someone explain me aswell the difference between...