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  1. Gabking5458

    PokeBeach's April 2017 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by!

    Round 1 Results: Gabking5458 VS Chris Allen Gabking5458 won 2-0 Games played from 7:19-7:47 PM EST GGs! :)
  2. Gabking5458

    PokeBeach's April 2017 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by!

    Are you a PokeBeach premium member? Yes What is your PTCGO screen name? Gabking5458 What timezone do you live in? EST GMT-4 Did you play in March’s tournament? No Did you make at least three non-tournament posts on PokeBeach in March? No, but I will! :) (been on hiatus for a little bit) If you...
  3. Gabking5458

    Expanded Vilebox (for Regionals)

    The best way I've found is a one off of Yveltal ex and ninja boy. Unfortunately it's a deplorable matchup so I think you have to accept an autoloss unfortunately :(
  4. Gabking5458

    Discussion What Deck do you Plan Running for the 2017 Rotation?

    I'm probably going to run Darkbox (With a fun twist) for standard. I haven't decided what I want to run for expanded (Toying with a SUPER fun deck though)
  5. Gabking5458

    Standard Raichu Crawdaunt Bats

    I agree with Fr_z_n about the Giovanni's Scheme. It would be great as a one off so you could easily VS Seeker for a KO as opposed to relying on Bursting Balloon or Golbat (Especially if opponent Hex's you) Hope this helps! :)
  6. Gabking5458

    Standard M Swampert EX/M Blaziken EX deck (Repost)

    Don't know what to tell you but this just won't work. You could try to make a deck based around M Blaziken-EX or M Swampert but they will not work together at all. You also might want to include scorched earth over rough seas as it will be better for draw power. Hope this helps! :)
  7. Gabking5458

    Discussion Winners of December's TCG Cup Crowned! Deck Lists and Interview!

    Gabking5458 beat Coolpilot 2-0 Games played from 7:03-7:38 EST ggs!
  8. Gabking5458

    Deck Archetype M Mewtwo-EX

    Lysandre + Damage Change onto Shaymins. The matchup really isn't all too bad i've found.
  9. Gabking5458

    Standard Dark Tina (For Dallas Regionals)

    Ehh kinda pointless. Seems inconsistent and Yveltal BKT is an amazing in matchups like Trevs, Mray, and even the mirror.
  10. Gabking5458

    Discussion Winners of December's TCG Cup Crowned! Deck Lists and Interview!

    What is your PTCGO screen name? Gabking5458 What timezone do you live in? EST Did you participate in last month’s tournament? If so, were you dropped from it? No Did you make at least two discussion posts on the forums during last month? nope hardly was on the site Yep! Do you promise to make at...
  11. Gabking5458

    Blog Fear the Night: Yveltal in the Standard Format

    Fantastic article!!! I really like your analysis! I would say you probably need to test your darkrai/giratina and rainbow road matchups as those are closer to 50/50 in my testing. My question is how does it do against the mirror? Hope this helps and thanks for this great analysis of Yveltal!:)
  12. Gabking5458

    Expanded Vilebox (for Regionals)

    Fallen Mons don't matter with this kinda deck. Its all about the lock. If you can get it up it almost never needs more than one more copy of a card. So it isn't necessary.
  13. Gabking5458

    Expanded Vilebox (for Regionals)

    Speaking from experience jolteon and vileplume are good enough for night march. You really should consider jirachi however
  14. Gabking5458

    Expanded Vilebox (for Regionals)

    I'd do this: -1 Karen (unnecessary) -2 Sky Field (unecessary) +1 Jirachi EX +1 Forest Of Giant Plants +1 Ultra Ball
  15. Gabking5458

    Expanded Night March In Expanded?

    Well D-Valley is very necessary also at the point Vespiplume would be better
  16. Gabking5458

    Standard Speed Zygarde

    Increase your Carbink line. This'll help your Megaray matchup as it is not very good.
  17. Gabking5458

    Standard Monkey Business! (Simisage w/ Eeveeloutions)

    They'll know what they're playing against and they'll save their VS Seekers for N. Running something like Unown AOR could help as a post-N draw support.
  18. Gabking5458

    Standard Electric Deck (2017 Standard New Rotation)

    Yeah Emskas is right here. Octillery is really good in this deck but at least a one off of Shaymin-EX is essential. Hope this helps! :)
  19. Gabking5458

    Discussion How can Metal decks deal with Volcanion? (PRC-on)

    Ehh they kinda can't really. You just have to accept an autoloss sometimes. Maybe teching in a Cobalion STS or two for stall might help but unfortunately it really is a horrible matchup.
  20. Gabking5458

    Winners of July TCG Cup Crowned! Deck Lists and Interview!

    I cut the maxie and it actually was quite good. Win it in day 1 I might add, so it's not very impressive :)