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  1. Mao999

    Standard Yanmega / Raichu

    Hello fellow beachers! It's a bit of time that i don't come here and just post something! This time i'm trying a Yanmega sts deck along an electric Type pokémon. I'm currently testing this deck, and i'm not sure about yanmega companion: should it be Raichu, or Zebstrika? This is my list for...
  2. Mao999

    Standard Mew toolbox for Nationals

    Hello Beachers, it's me again! I'm very excited about the upcoming nationals in my area, and i'm willing to try something new. I know it's a risk, but i want to give it a try! The good thing about the toolbox idea is that every recipe is different, and tryes to achieve different goals. Here's my...
  3. Mao999

    Standard The green snake's bite V2 (Serperior)

    Hello again everyone, in these days post prerelease of Fates Collide, i've triyed to build something new, and my choice is Serperior: fast abd powerful! I've build a simple list that can guarantee my snake to be ready in t1 or in t2 in the worst case, and thanks to his low energy cost, this...
  4. Mao999

    Expanded Night March for Regionals

    Hi everyone, i'm preparing for the upcoming regionals in my area, and i've decided to play a night march deck (also called "where the hell are those lampents???"). I know it's a pretty common deck everywhere, but the fun comes when the builds are revealed, right? Every player play it in...
  5. Mao999

    Expanded Seismibats (Seismitoad EX / Crobat)

    Hello everyone, i'm here again with my decks in searching of help and suggestion! This time i'm playing a classic and pretty straightforward deck, that it's easy to play but hard to master: The Seismitoad / Crobat deck, also called Seismibats (or bat toad, as you wish). I'm playing this deck for...
  6. Mao999

    Discussion Can Mill Be Meta?

    I'm asking myself this question, because i'm playing and trying hard a houndoom/bunnelby mill deck in those days. I'm trying all the possible limits and the two only threats are the super fast decks like the Mega Manectric deck or the brand new electro-deluge (Raikou-Magnezone). I've played...
  7. Mao999

    Expanded Magnetic Circuit (Raikou / Magnezone)

    Hello guys! I'm here again with the new electric /deluge style deck, but this time i'm trying to improve the list for the expanded format, beginning the preparation for the city championships. I was taking a look at the 2013 deluge decks, with rare candies and skyla to make a comparison and try...
  8. Mao999

    Standard Electro Deluge (Raikou / Magnezone)

    Hello everyone, i'm here again in need of your mpression about a new deck that i'm trying to build, this time with the new cards from BREAK Through! (i've opened a box, nice pull but the set is too big IMHO) By the way, here's the list: Pokémon (14) 3 Raikou (BREAKThrough 55) 3 Magnezone...
  9. Mao999

    Discussion Zoroark (BreakThrough) / Target whistle

    With the new set finally some cards will get a new life, like the target whistle from Phantom forces! I was thinking that the new zoroark will definitely take an immense advantage from this card, filling the bench of your opponent and boosting the damage output! What do you think guys?
  10. Mao999

    Expanded Crobbuffet! (Crobat / Wobbuffet)

    Hello everyone, i'm new here, but i'm following this awesome site from almost a year now! I'm from Italy, and i'm currently preparing for a tournament in milan at the end of the month. Since i don't have any shaymin yet, i'm playing a crobbuffet (Crobat/Wobbuffet for who don't know) deck. I need...