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  1. 87mcben

    News Worlds Qualifications Just Adjusted for 2017 Season!

    Right now, you cannot buy play points. Mordacazir means that it would benifit people who can travel to big events and get the cards for top tier decks.
  2. 87mcben

    'Pikachu & New Friends' Blister in November

    popplio having sing may hint towards the leaks saying he will evolve into a siren.
  3. 87mcben

    Winners of July TCG Cup Crowned! Deck Lists and Interview!

    yes! I have been playing this deck and I am glad that it did well in this tournament!
  4. 87mcben

    Little Cup: A New Fan TCG Format

    this sounds like a fun format! anyone want to play it on tcgone with 60 card decks?
  5. 87mcben

    P!P/Rules Should Garbodor be Banned?

    Don't forget about minccino FAC that for one energy discards any pokemon tool card.
  6. 87mcben

    'Steam Siege' 3-Pack Blisters to Feature Rayquaza and Azelf!

    the Aself looks decent, can be played in trev.
  7. 87mcben

    Second-Chance Mew Distribution in June!

    Can mew be downloaded to red on the virtual console?
  8. 87mcben

    Standard XY-On: Mew / Night March + Barbacle

    You should maybe try making room for basic lightning or psychic energy. You can night march with one energy with the mew if joltik is on the bench.
  9. 87mcben

    Japan's XY11: 'Explosive Fighter / Cruel Traitor', CP5: 'Mythical / Legendary Dream Holo Collection'

    Greedy die might be good in night march with town map
  10. 87mcben

    Discussion Expanded Idea: Jumpluff

    It could be used with flygon fom boundaries crossed and dusknoir from boundaries crossed.
  11. 87mcben

    New 'Premium Champion' Set, Blastoise Mega Battle Special Pack!

    Virizion/M Beedrill in expanded with virbank city gym will be crazy!
  12. 87mcben

    Fun Online Playtesting Team

    I would like to join! I play TCGOne as well so it will be easy to playtest:D
  13. 87mcben

    'EX Power-Up Collections' in May!

    I have to say I though it was real:D This is a really cool idea for an actual product though.
  14. 87mcben

    Discussion What to play for the remaining State Championships?

    I have been playing Missouri states winning list, but I can't seem to consistently get a T1 vileplume. And sometimes I dead draw.
  15. 87mcben

    Discussion What to play for the remaining State Championships?

    I am going to play: A. Some Toad deck B. Vileplue/Vespiqueen C. Griatina/Reshiram/Flareon D.Reshiram/Flareon(testing) would like feedback on what to play and lists and stuff.:D
  16. 87mcben

    Think of a Budget Deck Under $40 with Potential

    Quad Flareon Ex could work. Flareon Ex(Generations)---4 Blacksmith---4 Max elixr---4 Fire Energy---48 It would be awful though:D
  17. 87mcben

    Blog States: Share Your States Experience

    I can go to NY states, we can test over TCGOne.
  18. 87mcben

    Blog States: Share Your States Experience

    Hey! More NJ Seniors! I could not make it to NJ states:( But I might be going to New York and Delaware states. The judges never gave me anything to bad. I have only been penalized for clear mistakes such as: forgetting to put out prize cards, and stupid mistakes just as that.