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    Ursaluna V, Professor Laventon, and Other Gym Promos Revealed!

    I logged in after a year away from the game to type this reply. I 1000% agree. It's almost insulting to sit here and print promos and chase cards that have the exact same ability and attack effect as another card. It's lazy, uninspired and honestly insulting. Yeah yeah yeah children's TCG and...
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    New 'V-UNION' Trademark Filed for the Pokemon TCG!

    These are sick, I like em. They have clear synergy with obvious stuff like Quick Ball, Prof Research, etc. and won't replace VMax's. They can retreat too so I guess we'll just be having big stacks of cards on our benches.
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    'Copperajah V Box' Announced for June!

    Cause some of us already have Zacians or can afford to buy both.
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    'VMAX Rising,' Japan's February Set!

    Honestly, the Vs are lame in this set, biggest selling point to me atm is Grimmsnarl and Mr. Rime.
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    Help Preparing for the Powercreep

    I would argue that (currently) GX cards are still stronger since they're more fleshed out for lack of a better explanation. Like, a lot of GX's and TAGs have abilities and other crazy effects to boost their potential viability in the meta and atm Zacian is the one that stands above the crowd for...
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    N's Resolve...

    Spoiler alert: You don't play it. Card's risk/reward is not in your favor no matter how you spin it.
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    Discussion Inexpensive Expanded Viable Options for Dallas?

    Just play RowlEggs and Vileplume, deck is like $50-60 without the search.
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    Alt. Format Spread For the Bread (Sableye V)

    Sableye V is a card that's interested me since it was shown off, but I don't really care for the Obstagoon lines that the decks have been running so I decided to give my own list a shot! Pokemon (15) 2 Sableye V 2 Mew UNB 3 Jirachi TEA 4 Weezing CEC 1 Mimikyu CEC 1 Marshadow UNB 1 Yveltal GX 1...
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    Discussion State of Standard - CEC

    Welder has absolutely zero drawback, if we're talking about what needs to be banned, I really don't think it's a contest lmao
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    Discussion New to the Competitive Scene! Advice?

    Don't shower for a few days before an event, your smell will confuse and bewilder your opponent and cause them to misplay. I call it the MTG classic.
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    'TAG TEAM Generations Premium Collection' in November!

    Oh sick I love spending $30+ to have almost half the product be out of rotation... I cannot stand this company sometimes.
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    Discussion Budget Solutions to Dedenne GX?

    When we playin marvel tho
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    Discussion Budget Solutions to Dedenne GX?

    When I got back into the game a little before World's, the rodents were $20 a pop, and the stock market hadn't crashed yet (/s), but now in a post-Worlds society and Dedenne's doubling in price, I was wondering what everyone's options were for budget draw cards in Dedenne's place. Obviously...
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    Discussion What mechanics are you hoping for in Gen 8 TCG

    Maybe give more Abilities and decent effects to lower rarity Pokemon? Cause tbh I'm really tired of 80+% of the Pokemon in a set being useless and just taking up room waiting to be sold as bulk.
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    Standard The Age of Dragons (ArcDiaPalk GX Dragon Box)

    "In the Age of Ancients the world was unformed, shrouded by fog. A land of gray crags, Archtrees and Everlasting Dragons" With Cosmic Eclipse on our heels, I've taken quite the liking to Arceus/Palkia/Dialga GX, from the energy ramping of the first attack and the potential the GX attack gives...
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    Discussion What is a "healthy meta"?

    My ideals are a little different I guess since I come from fighting games, but if there are multiple decks that can win or even hang at the high/T1 level then I'd personally say that that's a healthy meta. I started competing in the Stormfront era so I saw a lot of crazy good decks see use...
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    Standard King of the Beasts (Terrakion Post-Rotation)

    Updated the list! -4 Custom Catcher -1 Reset Stamp -1 Karate Belt -2 Pokemon Fan Club -2 Giant Hearth -2 Steven's Resolve +1 ReshiZard GX +1 MarshChamp GX +1 Fighting Energy +4 Tag Switch +2 Buff Padding +2 Shrine of Punishments +1 Cherish Ball
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    Standard King of the Beasts (Terrakion Post-Rotation)

    Yoooo my brain read it as basic energy and not just outright energy, I'll make some room for it. Should I run 4?
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    Standard King of the Beasts (Terrakion Post-Rotation)

    With Unified Minds only a month or so away, I've taken a real liking to quite a few Pokemon in the set, one of them being Terrakion for the attack Cave King. Pokemon (8) 4 Terrakion UNM 3 Reshiram & Charizard GX 1 Marshadow and Machamp GX TSS (39) 4 Cynthia 4 Green's Exploration 4 Switch 4...