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  1. Broken Pokemon EX

    BP EX's trade thread - W: SR Switch and UR Trainers | H: Primal Clash, Old URs, Gold Stars

    Wants Main Wants (in order of priority) x3 SR Switch x1 FA Lysandre x4 SR Ultra Ball x1 FA Pokemon Fan Club x3 RH Muscle Band (set version only, no league promos) x2 RH Vs Seeker (PHP) Secondary Wants 1 FA Magnezone EX 1 Furfru (XY) (deal sweetener only) 1 Gourgeist (XY) (deal sweetener only)...
  2. Broken Pokemon EX

    BPEX's Summerville, SC Cities report

    This was actually my very first event I've gone to (aside from prereleases) and I don't go to league with the guys in the area so I had no clue what to expect as far as the metagame goes. I ran Reshiboar, since I've tested with it most and it has solid matchups against most everything, even...
  3. Broken Pokemon EX

    ReshiBoar EX

    Pokemon - 14 4 Reshiram EX 3-1-2 Emboar 2 Victini (ability) 1 Mewtwo EX 1 Cleffa Trainers - 32 2 Cilan 2 Fisherman 4 Pokemon Collector 4 Professor Oak's New Theory 2 Eviolite 3 Heavy Ball 4 Junk Arm 2 Pokemon Catcher 3 Pokemon Communication 3 Rare Candy 2 Switch 1 Sky Arrow Bridge Energy -...
  4. Broken Pokemon EX

    ReshiBoar for cities

    Pokemon - 17 3 Reshiram 4-2-3 Emboar (2 ability, 1 badboar) 2-2 Semisear (B&W) 1 Cleffa Trainers -29 2 Cheren 3 Pokemon Collector 4 Professor Juniper 3 Energy Retrieval 2 Eviolite 2 Junk Arm 2 Plus Power 3 Pokemon Catcher 4 Pokemon Communication 2 Rare Candy 2 Switch Energy - 14 14 Fire...
  5. Broken Pokemon EX

    Cofagrigus + Reuniclus + Zekrom

    To be perfectly honest I usually just only glance over the common/uncommon scans for new cards and usually only examine the holos whenever a new set comes out. And reading translations for all the cards in the japanese sets can be tedious so I think many people (myself included) may have...
  6. Broken Pokemon EX

    Charleston, SC Noble Victories Pre-Release

    DOT Games Charleston, SC Sun, November 6 Registration from 12-1pm for more event info visit We don't really have much tournament or league support in the southeastern part of SC, so definitely be sure to come out. Should be awesome.
  7. Broken Pokemon EX

    Healix (Steelix/KlingKlang/Serperior)

    Pokemon: 19 3-3 Steelix Prime 2-1-2 KlingKlang (B&W) 2-1-2 Serprior (ability) 3 Cleffa Trainers: 25 4 Max Potion 3 Pokemon Catcher 3 Pokemon Communication 4 Rare Candy 3 Switch 4 Cheren 4 PONT Energy: 16 4 Metal Energy (special) 8 Metal Energy 4 DCE Steelix is the primary...
  8. Broken Pokemon EX

    Ruling Zoroark and S&E Legend

    Just wrapped up a match on playtcg where their Zoroark copied my S&E Legend's Torrent Blade, and as far as I knew he would have to return 2 {W} energy to his hand just like the attack says in order to use it. But he claims he didn't have to do so. I just got back into the tcg recently so I...
  9. Broken Pokemon EX

    Lantern/Gatr/SuicuneEntei Legend

    Pokemon - 22 3-2-3 Feraligatr Prime (HGSS) 4-3 Lanturn Prime (UL) 2-2 Suicune & Entei Legend (UL) 3 Mantine (HGSS) Trainers - 21 3 Rare Candy 2 Switch 3 Pokemon Communication 4 Interviewer's Questions 3 Pokemon Collector 3 Professor Oak's New Theory 2 Seeker 1 Twins Energy - 17 4 Rainbow...
  10. Broken Pokemon EX

    Lucario (PD/HB) + Rocky Helmet

    Today I was just looking over Red Collection and PD/HB just to get pumped for what was coming out and I saw a potentially really good combo. Combine the promo Lucario coming out in japan and the upcoming Rocky Helmet. Any time Lucario gets hit your opponent will take 40 damage just for attacking...
  11. Broken Pokemon EX

    Modified Format for next year?

    Hey guys I only recently got back into the TCG, and most of my cards have been rotated out of format by now. I was wondering how many sets usually get rotated out of format each year because I wanted to play competitively this coming season next year and I just didn't want to stock up on a bunch...
  12. Broken Pokemon EX

    Favorite gen of the TCG?

    After a pretty long hiatus from the tcg I've recently gotten back into it, and I was just looking over my collection thinking about which generation (as in the classic sets, neo, ex sets, DP, HGSS, BW, etc.) has had my favorite additions/changes to the game. For me, personally, I'd have to...
  13. Broken Pokemon EX

    any DP scans?

    I've been trying to find scans of the japanese set and I can't manage to find them anywhere except for the ones that PB has. Anyone know a place I can see the whole set?
  14. Broken Pokemon EX

    Favorite alt. holo pattern

    I'md really partial to FR/LG as well as Legend Maker. I like the ones that look like the traditional normal holographic patterns. I really don't like HP, CG, and DF though. Most of those cards you can tell are barely alternate holos and don't really look very cool either. =/
  15. Broken Pokemon EX

    Cards for christmas?

    Did anyone get anything for christmas? I sure did. 45 packs of DX and DS. what's sad though is that I got more pokemon* than I did Holon Transceivers XD