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    Wi-Fi Trades SnorlaxDude's Pokémon Y Trading Thread Looking for various Pokemon

    SnorlaxDude's Y Trading Thread Hi all! Here is the lowdown! Friend Code: 0834-2407-3465 In-Game Name:Trae I am available for battles! Time Zone: GMT -5 I am available from 1:00pm-10:00pm (Monday-Friday) and 9:00am-9pm(Saturday and Sunday) Wants: Toxic Orb Moxie Pinsir (Shiny or non-Shiny)...
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    Mods, please close.

    Mods, please close thread. I got what I need. Thanks!
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    SnorlaxDude's Trade Thread H:Many Old, Some New W:Gym Leaders Cards

    Hi all, Here are a couple of rules. 1) I WILL do trades worldwide. 2) Don't try to rip me off, you will be reported. 3) Once we exchange addresses backing out IS NOT possible. 4) You can try to make me an offer if I have the card you need. 5) I will let you know when I'm mailing off...
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    Looking for various Charizard Cards

    Hi all, As the title says, I would like to buy a Crystal Charizard from the Skyridge E-Series set. I can do paypal and money order/check. It would mean a lot if I got my hands on this card. I prefer the card to be HOLO and mint/near mint. EDIT: I am also still looking for Charizard EX &...
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    Mods, please close.

    Hi all, I am looking for certain cards for collection. I can send cash by paypal or money order. I would like these cards mint/near mint. Here are the list of cards. E-Reader Crystal Charizard Skyridge EX Sets Charizard Star Charizard EX It would mean so much if I can get my...
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    Mods, please close.

    Rules 1.I only ship within the U.S. 2.Shipping mostly will cost $1.50 (unless noticed, I will let you know). 3.All orders above $10 will have free shipping. 4.Paypal is the preferred payment method, but I do accept money orders/checks. 5.Let me know if you will pay by money...
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    Cards wanted to buy for collection

    Hi all, There are some cards that I want to buy for my collection. Here are the list. *Shining Charizard-Neo Destiny *Crystal Charizard from Skyridge Gyarados Star EX Holon Phantoms Charizard Star EX Dragon Frontiers Venusaur EX Fire Red & Leaf Green Charizard EX Fire Red & Leaf Green...
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    SnorlaxDude's Selling Thread(MD-UD Little bit of Undaunted)

    Hi all, Just a couple of rules. 1. I accept paypal and money orders. 2. I only can sell to people in the US as of now. 3. All cards being sold are mint unless noticed. 4. Have fun and I hope you find something. 5.Please let me know if you have any problems sending money for purchasing items...
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    My Kingdra Deck (need some help)

    Hi all, I'm recently having troubles with my Kingdra deck. Here's how the deck is made out... Pokemon x4 Horsea LA x2 Seadra LA x2 Kingdra LA x2 Kingdra Prime x3 Uxie LA x1 Unown Q x1 Azelf LA x2 Crobat G Trainers, Supporters, etc x3 Rare Candy x4 Cyrus's Conspiracy x3...
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    Mods, please close.

    MODS, please close this trading thread. Thank you!