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    Raichu Partners

    I was wondering if there are any way to base a deck around this Raichu? What kind of cards've good synergy with it, and what is it weaknesses etc, etc. I was thinking about maybe playing this with Greninja, as he easily can take out Raichu's biggest weakness: Ground, also Greninja makes for a...
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    2015 Format Question

    Hello! I am thinking of beginning playing Pokémon TCG competitive, but I am very confused as to what is the current format.. The official Pokémon website mentions two different formats: Standard and Extended, what are the differences? I know that Standard is NXD-on and that Extended BW-on...
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    The Emperor's New Groove (Empoleon)

    Pokemon: 16 4 Piplup 1 Prinplup 4 Empoleon 3 Dedenne 2 Mr. Mime 2 Sigilyph Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 35 4 N 4 Rare Candy 4 Max Potion 4 Professor Juniper 3 Max Revive 3 Muscle Band 3 Hard Charm 2 Lysandre 2 Startling Megaphone 2 Trick Shovel/Switch 2 Tool Retriever 2 Energy Retrieval...
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    Tips for travelling to London?

    First of all, I am very paranoid. I am going to London this summer for about three to four days (I know it is short, but I've always wanted to go there, so it is either this or no days. Originally, we were going to be there for a week, but it was shortened to three days.) And I have this...
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    Pokemon Where do the professors get the starters?

    I've always been wondering about this. I myself have no theory - maybe they're extinct, and a few trainers bred them or something; I don't know. Also thought this could be a topic where we could discuss this topic. :P
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    BW/BW2 Increasing likelihood of breeding shinies, with shinies?

    If I breed my female shiny Drifblim with a normal japanese male Drifblim; what would the likelihood of hatching a shiny Drifloon be? I am refering to the Masuda method, and I thought that maybe including a shiny Pokémon would increase the chances.
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    Ghost World (Chandelure/Vanilluxe)

    4 / 2 / 3 / 1 Chandelure (BWP/ND/NV/ND) 1 / 0 / 1 Vanilluxe (ND/ND/ND) 2 / 2 Volcarona 1 Darkrai EX (17) 3 Rocky Helmet 4 Rare Candy 2 Tool Scrapper 1 Switch 2 Super Rod 2 PlusPower 4 Energy Retrival 2 Giant Cape 4 N 3 Juniper 2 Ultra Ball (29) 4 Blend Energy GRPD 10 Fire...
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    Poison/Retreat combo?

    I was thinking about getting into TCG again, and maybe attend national championships next year or something. Anyhow - are there any cards in the current format (HGSS-on, right?) that will poison a Pokémon and then retreat to your bench? Thanks in advance! :D
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    Fierce Night (Gliscor + Darkrai/Cresselia)

    4 Gligar (UD) 4 Gliscor (UD) 2 Larvitar (UL, Mountain Eater) 1 Pupitar (UL, Boost Gas) 2 Tyranitar (UL, Prime) 2 Darkrai / Cresselia (Upper) 2 Darkrai / Cresselia (Lower) 1 Zorua (BW) 1 Zoroark (BW) 1 Dodou (UD) 1 Dodrio (UD) 1 Spiritomb (TR) ~ Pokemon : 22 ~ 4 Pokemon Catcher 4 Junk Arm...
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    Waffles With Syrup (Chandelure/Hydreigon) HGSS-on

    Deckname: Waffles With Syrup Main Attacker: Chandelure + Hydreigon Support: Jirachi + Skymin Techs: Zoroark + Tyrogue Speed: Medium-Slow Type: Psychic and Darkness 3 Litwick (Promo) 1 Lampent (RC) 3 Chandelure (RC) 3 Deino (RC) 2 Zweilous (RC) 3 Hydreigon (RC) 1 Zorua (BW) 1 Zoroark (BW) 2...
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    BW/BW2 Zoroark's Illusion

    Just an easy question: Does Zoroark's Illusion copy the last Pokemon's moves?
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    Disaster Dragon deck idea.

    I have a decklist on my other computer which features: 4 Absol Prime 3-3-3 Kingdra Prime 2 Uxie LA 2 Relicanth SV 1 Crobat G Absol is my preferred starter, which also is backup for 70-90 damage. Absol give 20 damage if they put out Basic. Also, If I start with Absol and a Crobat G, I...
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    New Set: [Black and White: Clarity]

    I've made up my own set! :D This set will feature: 10 Holos 10 Rares 16 Uncommons 20 Commons 10 Trainers 5 Pokemon Tools 5 Stadium's 5 TMs 3 Supporters 3 Trainers 3 Special Energies Set list: 1/83: Absol 2/83: Delcatty 3/83: Chandelure 4/83: Haxorus 5/83: Scolipede 6/83: Swampert 7/83...
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    Chillacchino (MD-on)(Nationals)

    Name: Do the Wave! :D Type: Colorless -- 4-4 Cinccino (BW) 2-2 Banette (PL-TR) 1-1 Drifblim (UD) 2 Uxie (LA) 1 Ambipom G - 17 Pokemon 2 Expert Belt 3 Pokemon Collector 2 Pokemon Communication 3 Pokemon Catcher 3 Revive 2 Max Restore 2 Fisherman 4 Judge 2 Seeker 2 Twins 1...
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    Ruling Strange question! About the attack Dwindling Wave.

    Does x damage minus 10 more damage for each damage counter on p. x = The damage output. p = Pokemon. Ex. Wailord EX (SS), with 200 HP and does 100 damage - 10 for each damage counter on Wailord. If Wailord have 10 damage left, does the attack does -90 damage? That'll say HEALING the...
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    Next japanese BW set? What do you wish for?

    This may seem stupid, but I want to discuss the next japanese BW set, that havent been announced yet. But I'll guess they will announce it mid-Feb/early-March, if they follow their normal "tradition". I hope for these Pokemon's in the next BW set: - Litwick, Lampent, Chandelure. - Axew...
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    Legal Sleeves?

    Are these sleeves legal for tournament play?
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    Umbreon (MD-on)(ANY)

    Deck name: Nope, you can't do that either. Types: Darkness Strategy: Lock --- 3 Smeargle (CL) 4-3 Umbreon (Call for Familiy, CL) 0-1 Umbreon (Prime) 2-2 Slowking (HS) 1-1 Dialga G lv.X 2 Uxie (LA) 1 Relicanth (SV) Pokemon:20 2 Expert Belt 4 Judge 3 Pokemon Collector 2 Energy...
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    Rainbow Disease (MD-on)

    4-3 Leafeon (UD#48-UD) 0-1 Umbreon (UD) 2-2 Roserade (UL-UL) 2 Uxie (LA) 1-1 Dialga G lv.X Pokemon: 16 3 Seeker 4 Super Scoop Up 3 VS Seeker 2 Expert Belt 3 Pokemon Collector 2 Bebe's Search 1 Cynthia's Feeling 1 Palmer's Contribution 3 Judge 2 Miasma Valley 2 Energy Exchanger...
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    GiraEon (MD-on) (Masters, Nationals 2011)

    4-3-1 Glaceon lv.X (UD#48****-RR**-MD*) 0-1 Espeon MD 0-1 Umbreon UD 2-2 Giratina lv.X (PL#9*, Promo **) 1-1 Drifblim UD 2 Uxie LA 2 Froslass GL 1 Azelf LA * = 21 Pokemon 4 Judge 4 Level MAX **** 2 Twins 3 Seeker * 2 Expert Belt 3 Collector 2 Energy Exchanger 2 Palmer's...