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  1. Kavross

    Art Gallery TCG Illustration Minor League

    Hey guys! As you all may have seen, the Pokemon TCG Illustration Grandprix is going on again. Alas, I don't live in Japan (and I'm not quite smart enough to know how to fake residency) BUT I still thought it would be cool to make a little gallery of what I would have submitted. If you all want...
  2. Kavross

    Discussion Looking for Expanded Test Buddies

    Howdy folks! Getting ready for portland regionals and I really want to make this year count. Anyone want to make a little test play group? We can use TCGone as it gives access to all the cards right away, unlike PTCGO
  3. Kavross

    TCG Fakes Trinary Stars (Fake Set)

    Yo guys! Wanted to do this for a while, so I'll be posting my fake mini set here. Input is always welcome! First batch are the legendary birbs themselves: The Moltres art is from Fates Collide but I really dug the style, so I tried to emulate it for its birdy bros. I'll add set numbers when...