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  1. Kavross

    Contest August 2021 CaC: Top Cards (Results Are Up!)

    If there is still time id like to be in for image
  2. Kavross

    Discussion VMAX ONE: Alternative SwSh-on Format

    Would using a VMax be compulsory? Otherwise I'd probably just play Altaria haha
  3. Kavross

    Contest April 2021 CaC: Trick ((Real) Results Are Up!)

    Hey I finished something for once.
  4. Kavross

    TCG Fakes Platinum: Ardent Genesis

    Are you looking for any more card artwork?
  5. Kavross

    Contest January 2021 CaC: New Year, New Type (Results Up!)

    Would making a base pokemon a type that it gains when it megas still fly? Like making a dragon type sceptile for instance.
  6. Kavross

    'Battle Style' is March's Set, Introduces New Single Strike and Rapid Strike Cards!

    Alt art rapid strike is awesome, though its mouth seems...wrong
  7. Kavross

    Event Single-Prize Only Online Tournament

    I don't know if i can commit to the tourney but I'd love to play the format with folks if they want practice.
  8. Kavross

    Contest March 2020 CaC: Generation 8 (All Results Up!)

    Aight lets rumble, put me in for image!
  9. Kavross

    Contest January 2020 CaC: Forgotten Pokémon (All Results Up!)

    Is there a rule against entering both image and text?
  10. Kavross

    Contest January 2020 CaC: Forgotten Pokémon (All Results Up!)

    I'll be entering teamed up with CardPone again!
  11. Kavross

    Art Gallery TCG Illustration Minor League

    Hey guys! As you all may have seen, the Pokemon TCG Illustration Grandprix is going on again. Alas, I don't live in Japan (and I'm not quite smart enough to know how to fake residency) BUT I still thought it would be cool to make a little gallery of what I would have submitted. If you all want...
  12. Kavross

    Collecting What's your all-time favourite TCG set?

    My brain says evolutions, my heart says primal clash. I started trying to play competitively when evolutions came out and while it was a pretty bad set I milked that Beedrill deck for absolutely everything it was worth. But good god that pack/playmate art of primal kyogre
  13. Kavross

    Contest November 2019 CaC: Ancient Pokémon! (All Results Up!)

    Would anyone like to team up? I'd love to do some card art but I cant keep scamming photoshop from Adobe anymore haha so would need a partner for the card part
  14. Kavross

    Standard Unbroken Rotoms

    A higher number of guzma is okay for that once your rotoms are attacking, but it can be a pain early on so i'm not sure its a plus overall :/
  15. Kavross

    Standard Unbroken Rotoms

    Yeah! I just was looking for options after getting board wiped by weavile
  16. Kavross

    Standard Unbroken Rotoms

    Ive been playing your list and its really cool! Just wanted to ask, do you use mr. mime often? Looking for room for a mew or sky pillar
  17. Kavross

    PokeBeach’s April 2019 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored By!

    Round 3 @Kavross defeats @Seng vang 2-0 Good luck with round 4 dude!
  18. Kavross

    Finished [YPPY] Creating New Pokédex Entries

    Ooh, Slowpoke and Mew "Recent DNA testing has shown Slowpoke to possess genes very similar to Mew's. After these results were published, Team Rocket began collecting Slowpoke for an unknown purpose."