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    Question Do you need to encounter Ho Oh in Heartgold, or Lugia in Soulsilver to progress?

    As the title says, in HeartGold and SoulSilver, is there a way to beat the game and face Red without ever having to go through the battle screen where you have to fight Ho Oh in HeartGold, or Lugia in SoulSilver? I played SoulSilver before, but I didn't remember if I encountered Lugia and...
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    Discussion How good are Theme Decks over the years?

    There are probably different times when TPCi changed the way they built theme decks. There was one point where they had very few Pokemon lines, 24 energy and only 3 rares, then they added more different Pokemon lines, 18 energy, and have 5 rares. Recently, there seemed to be more trainer...
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    Help Damaged item. Return it or buy a new one?

    Let's say you buy pokemon TCG product and the cards are damaged or miscut when you open them. Let's also say that the cost of shipping is more than if you just bought the same item again, but TPCi will compensate you for it. Do you ship the damaged product to Bellevue Washington for $3 more...
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    Discussion Do you think Pokemon TCG should release POP packs again?

    Anyone remember the POP packs? Do you think the Pokemon TCG should go back to releasing tournament specific booster packs? POP packs only contained 2 cards from a 17 card set, and a basic energy. If they were to make a return to this kind of product, there should be a basic energy, one...
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    Discussion What do you think should happen to the Battle Arena Decks?

    WOTC is going to discontinue the duel decks for Magic the Gathering, and instead, release 4 challenger decks that contains cards only in standard, meant for people to be somewhat competitive at a local tournament. Battle arena decks currently have one release per year, and are expanded legal...
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    Discussion Pokemon is a Stegosaurus Away from Completing the Pokemon Dinobot Set.

    You have the G1 Dinobots. Grimlock the Tyrannosaurus Slag the Triceratops Sludge the Brontosaurus Snarl the Stegosaurus Swoop the Pteranodon You have the initial wave of Beast Machines Dinobots. T-Wrecks the Tyrannosaurus Airraptor the Archeopteryx Triceradon the Triceratops (The only toy I...
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    Pokemon draft

    Has anyone heard of a tournament where instead of a regular bracket style tournament of 8 players, where they get to use their own Pokemon, the players draft their Pokemon instead. The pool to pick from are 60 random Pokemon with varying abilities, types, stats, and moves. There are 6 rounds...
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    I thought of some crazy ideas on different ways to trade Pokemon.

    What if instead of only trading pokemon with another pokemon, you can trade a pokemon with 2 or more pokemon? What if you can trade 1 or more pokemon for cash? What if you can trade a pokemon for a PTBNL, which stands for, "Pokemon to be named later"?
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    Improving Theme Decks

    I collect theme decks, but I was wondering, what do you think about them? I heard negative things about them, but as a theme deck collector, I collect them no matter how good or bad they are. Here is my idea on the changes theme decks would have: One theme deck per set instead of 2. You only...
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    What are the odds of TPCi discontinuing the Battle Arena Decks?

    I just feel like Pokemon TCG should have a preconstructed product aside from theme decks that is one or more full 60 card decks that are legal in any tournament, and must be labeled as 60 card decks, meaning the world championship decks and the 2 30-card deck trainer kits don't count either...
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    A format where both players draw from the same deck.

    Has anyone tried to play the Pokemon TCG where both players had to draw from the same deck made from a bunch of booster packs? Here's how it works. The deck is composed of cards from, let's say, 18 booster packs. They can be from any set. There are also 9 decks composed of only one type of...
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    Playthrough Chances of Finding the Electrizer and Magmarizer in Diamond & Pearl?

    This question has something to do with the Electrizer and Magmarizer in diamond and pearl. Based on your first hand experience, which game, between Diamond and Pearl, is easier to catch Elekids holding an Electrizer, or Magbys holding a Magmarizer, easier as in 1 in 2 chance vs 1 in 20 chance...
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    XY Canon Starters for Playable Characters?

    I kind of wish there were official canon starters for each player and character so it makes it easier for me to chose which starter to use each generation. It is hard to know what is canon because each source material shows each character with different starters, so the source materials aren't...
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    Do you think Ash should finally retire?

    Tai from Digimon passed the torch to Davis Yugi passed the torch to Jaden. Ash passes the torch, to himself? What a hog. Ethan should have had all the glory. Throughout the entire series of pokemon, Ash has always been the number 1 main character, whom the entire series revolves around...
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    Should TPCi sell precons in lieu of some of the box sets?

    In the year 2012, we have these box sets. Mewtwo Forces of Nature Kyurem Superb Serperior, Excellent Emboar, and Spectacular Samurott Double Album Keldeo Dragon vault, or whatever it was called. Which of these do you think are useless? Do you think that TPCi should release less of these...
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    Too many energy types ruin the game?

    Do you think that having too many energy types, that is a type with its own basic energy would ultimately ruin Pokemon TCG? I think yes, because: 1. It ultimately makes it harder to get the cards you want in booster packs, and to make a sizeable collection of a certain type is much harder...
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    double, triple, and rotation battle in the TCG.

    I know that the double battle and tag battles actually exist in the TCG, but has anyone tried to do a triple battle and a rotation battle much like the triple and rotation battles in the games? I think that TPCi should release preconstructed decks that best illustrate how Triple and Rotation...
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    Rarity of Trainer cards

    How come trainer cards are mostly uncommon, and sometimes common? What happened to all the rare trainer cards? How come recently, they don't print powerful trainer cards and put them at rare?
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    Speculation as to what promo cards the fall 2012 tins might contain?

    Spring 2007 and Spring 2011 had preview tins featuring the starter pokemon. Fall 2007 and Fall 2011 had the final evolution of the starter pokemon Spring 2008 and Spring 2012 had the mascots of the video games and another pokemon, namely Darkrai and Kyurem. Fall 2008 had Mewtwo and...
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    When will the Japanese National Beginning set be printed in English?

    Now if we look at the gap between the Japanese beginning set, and the release of the Black and White theme decks, it is around 5 months. The release of the Japanese National Beginning set is released around April 20, according to Bulbapedia. So if we added 5 months to that, it would be around...