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  1. adamisclassy

    Will Zekeels see a decrease in viability once the BW-on format is in play?

    That was completely unrelated. And Those top cut numbers don't mean it was the most played deck or that people were "sticking to their guns". All we know is that a higher number of Eel decks made cut than anything else. I feel that that information alone makes a really strong argument that...
  2. adamisclassy

    Accelgor Gothitelle Venosaur

    You might want to consider using a thinner line of accelgor, maybe 3-2, and then Mew EX. It puts a lot less pressure of you to stream stage 1s and could maybe even let you drop Venusaur for more draw to make the deck a little less clunky.
  3. adamisclassy

    Empoleon for BR

    This deck needs switch for terrakion. I'd also ditch aerodactyl. I understand your point about your opponents being partially in control of your damage output, but it's taking up 6 spaces. I'd go up to 4 emolga for consistency, replace the cloacks with expshares for terrakion, add a...
  4. adamisclassy


    Hugh is so much weaker draw than Bianca though. Realistically, your opponent isn't going to have a hand of 8 cards or more very often, especially in a format full of weak supporters like this one. I'd rather draw that extra card instead of letting my opponent discard the least helpful card or...
  5. adamisclassy

    Will Zekeels see a decrease in viability once the BW-on format is in play?

    Thunderus just got good again imo. Everything is slower and there are a lot more setup decks. That T1 charge puts so much pressure on your opponent and 80 knocks out a lot of important cards: gibble, gabite, tynamo, altaria, deino, gothita, and other potential threats. Not to mention that...
  6. adamisclassy


    I've become a really big fan of the ultra pro pro matte sleeves. I collect the world championship decks and sleeves are a necessity with those if you don't want to wreck cards shuffling. Ultra Pro pro matte sleeves are also really nice because I do a good amount of recording and they don't have...
  7. adamisclassy

    New Pokemon playmats?

    He order them through a distributor, so I don't think they are the states mats. He might have simply been misled in the being new and they are the Reshi/Zekrom mats. If there are no new mats other than the states ones, that's my best guess.
  8. adamisclassy

    New Pokemon playmats?

    My local card shop owner posted on facebook that he got some "new" pokemon playmats. Not sure if they are the Zekrom/Reshiram ones that have been available at walmart and target or if they are in fact new. Anyone know or have pics?
  9. adamisclassy

    Celibi/Mewtwo EX for Cities

    This might be helpful http://www. I really don't see Zekrom and Reshiram as very good in this deck.
  10. adamisclassy

    Gothitelle/Gardevoir (GG)

    -2 Plus Power -2 Max Potion -2 Elm +2 Communication (^ See comment above ^) +4 Draw Supporters. (Three is just not going to cut it.)
  11. adamisclassy

    Getting a TCG youtube channel off the ground

    Of course! haha I just feel like the community could be so much more if we had as big of following on youtube as the video game guys did. Even JWittz doesn't have that many subscribers compared to some of them. So rather than complain about it I figured I'd try to my part.
  12. adamisclassy

    Getting a TCG youtube channel off the ground

    I was just wondering if anyone had experience with how to get a youtube channel about the tcg or really any youtube channel off the ground. Currently I'm at a beefy 2 dozen subscribers and I'm wondering how do I get my content out there for people to see. Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. adamisclassy

    Thundurus or Zekrom in Eelzone?

    Zekrom works better in the mirror. I played 2/1 thundurus/zekrom split. Most lists I've seen do this or go 0/2 Zekrom and use the extra space for a consistency card, and extra energy, or an extra switch.
  14. adamisclassy

    Gothielle/Reuniclus still viable? Here is a video of google Cawthon piloting a sick gothitelle deck with tons of crazy techs. I thought Goth was dead until I saw google play it. It will die in a month when Mewtwo EX comes out though.
  15. adamisclassy

    CaKES Need Help Now! Deck for Tomarrow!

    You need communication for getting out the consistent T2 Trode. -2 metal energy -2-2 Scizor -2 N -1 Super Rod -2 Plus Power +1 Fighting Energy +1 Water Energy +1 Kyurem +1 Terrakion +3 Communication +4 Cheren Cheren > Sage or juniper because trode already makes you discard too...
  16. adamisclassy

    Think You're a TCG Pro?

    For situation 1 you need to kill a kyurem. 2 glaciates = 3 prizes. I'd attach to one zone, dynamotor to the other and use the switch and catcher to kill the non-rescue energy kyurem. It's a tough call because I wanted to go for feraligatr but again, they have 2 charged kyurems and 2 glaciates...
  17. adamisclassy

    Absol Prime deck ideas

    I feel like this guy will get pretty good with dark rush/ dark patch and sky arrow bridge and all. I might hold off on him till then.
  18. adamisclassy

    The Energy Problem in Magnezone/Eelektrik

    I guess one thing I haven't asked people is what is the magic number for energy? In my testing 14 has been it.
  19. adamisclassy

    The Energy Problem in Magnezone/Eelektrik

    So if Tornadus is worth dropping, does this deck take the autoloss to donphan variants? Additionally, how much has a 4th Magnezone helped consistency? Also which draw supporters would you take out?
  20. adamisclassy

    The Energy Problem in Magnezone/Eelektrik

    Magnezone has easily been one of the most popular heavy hitters since we rotated to HGSS on. The sheer force of Lost Burn has been a defining influence of our format. However, to say that Magnezone is without his flaws is far from the truth. While you can say that Magnezone has a high retreat...