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  1. ~xatu~

    Mods please close.

    MN, USA Rules: 1. $1.50 shipping within the US, $3 International - Final auction price WILL NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING COST! 2. Please use increments of $1 or more for each bid. 3. Please allow 3-5 days for me to ship out. You're bidding on both Mint pieces of the Rayquaza and Deoxys Legend...
  2. ~xatu~

    Custom Mats! Donphan, Mew, Machamp!

    MN, USA Some rules: 1. Free shipping within domestic US, $2 international for cards! Merchandise may be more. 2. Will provide insurance/tracking for additional cost if needed. 3. Please send payment within 3 days of claiming item. 4. Paypal only! 5. Will send within 3-5 business days of...
  3. ~xatu~

    Printing Custom Playmats

    I hope this is the right area to post... Anyway, I've seen a lot of people who had their own custom made play mats at the last mid West Regional competition and was wondering where people got their mats printed. I already completed the entire process of obtaining a blank mat and creating...
  4. ~xatu~

    Buying Holon Phantoms Energy, Pokemon ex, * and pins!

    MN, USA Rules: 1. I only buy NM/M! 2. Leave me a price and we'll negotiate from there. 3. No fake, WC or foreign language cards unless I specify for them. Here's what I'm buying: Any ex or * Pokemon, LMK! These Energy: 8x Holo Lightning Energy (Ex Holon Phantoms) 9x Holo Fire...
  5. ~xatu~

    WTB: Sleeves, Pins

    Minnesota, USA Looking to buy: Pokemon Pins (any kind - except for the BW Mall Tour Zekrom and Reshiram pins - please include a photo!) 60x Black Pokemon Professor Sleeves Shoot me an offer! If you prefer trades, you can check out my trade thread, otherwise I am looking to purchase these items.
  6. ~xatu~

    Ruling First Turn Evolution

    Question about first turn evolutions... Let's assume my opponent goes first and has an active Pichu HGSS active. He uses Pichu's Playground attack which allows me to fill up my bench. He passes. Now it's my first turn with Pokemon on my bench that was already there before the beginning of...
  7. ~xatu~

    [W]: Kingdra, Tyranitar, ex, NV FAs [H]: DONPHAN, Victory Medal

    Minnesota, USA The 10 Commandments: 1. Forum rules apply. 2. All cards are mint or near mint unless noted otherwise. This is expected of you also. 3. Lower ref sends first. Negative and Neutral refs always send first. Neutral refs can appeal. If there is any mark on your record that indicates...