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  1. adamisclassy

    New Pokemon playmats?

    My local card shop owner posted on facebook that he got some "new" pokemon playmats. Not sure if they are the Zekrom/Reshiram ones that have been available at walmart and target or if they are in fact new. Anyone know or have pics?
  2. adamisclassy

    Getting a TCG youtube channel off the ground

    I was just wondering if anyone had experience with how to get a youtube channel about the tcg or really any youtube channel off the ground. Currently I'm at a beefy 2 dozen subscribers and I'm wondering how do I get my content out there for people to see. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. adamisclassy

    The Energy Problem in Magnezone/Eelektrik

    Magnezone has easily been one of the most popular heavy hitters since we rotated to HGSS on. The sheer force of Lost Burn has been a defining influence of our format. However, to say that Magnezone is without his flaws is far from the truth. While you can say that Magnezone has a high retreat...
  4. adamisclassy

    New version of redshark?

    Are they going to release a new version of redshark for emerging powers or is redshark dead with ptcgo?
  5. adamisclassy

    Volbeat Illumise Deck

    I decided I want to play a rogue deck using these two for fun. I am a little unsure of where to start though and what other pokemon I should play in the deck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. So far I have: Illumise x4 Volbeat x4 EDIT: Please follow the Player's Sandbox rules. I...
  6. adamisclassy

    Do you think Mewtwo Ex will have an impact on the metagame?

    Basic Pokemon [C][C] X-Ball: 20x damage. Does 20 damage for each Energy attached to both Active Pokemon. [P][P][C] Psycho Drive: 120 damage. Discard an Energy attached to this Pokemon. Pokemon EX Rule: When Pokemon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards. Weakness: Psychic...
  7. adamisclassy

    Donphan/Dragons (Donphan/Reshiram/Zekrom) (Needs division in thread title)

    So I heard about this deck pretty recently and I really want to try it out. Not sure about the lines and whatnot. I have yet to see an actual list for this deck so I am expecting to make some tweaks. Pokemon: 21 Donphan Prime 4-4 (HGSS phanpy) Yanmega Prime 2-2 Zoroark 2-2 (BW Zorua) Zekrom x2...
  8. adamisclassy

    BW/BW2 Help me evolve my boldore for a B/W nuzlocke run???

    Help me evolve my Boldore for a B/W nuzlocke run anyone? Friend code: 1506 7015 5379
  9. adamisclassy

    Hydreigon and Haxorus

    Saw these as part of the red collection of bulbapedia. Here are their translations Hydreigon Dark Aura Ability All Energy attached to this Pokémon is {D} instead of its usual type Dangerous Sword {D}{D}{D}{D} 60 This attack does 40 damage to 2 of your opponent's Benched Pokémon (Don't apply...
  10. adamisclassy

    MagneBoar HGSS on

    Pokemon: 19 4 Cleffa HGSS/CoL 3-1-3 Magnezone Prime 2-1-2 Emboar 20/114 (using BW 07 promo tepig) 1 Reshiram 1-1 Rayquaza Deoxys Legend T/S/S: 26 4 Pokemon Collector 4 Professor Oak's New Theory 1 Professor Juniper 1 Judge 1 Professor Elm's 4 Pokemon Communication 4 Rare Candy 4...
  11. adamisclassy

    Lostgar HGSS on

    Pokemon Mew Prime x4 Gengar Prime x4 Haunter Tr x2 Gastly x4 Magnezone Prime x2 Magneton Tr x1 Magnemite Tr x2 Spiritomb Tr x2 total:21 Trainers Seeker x3 Twins x4 Pokemon Collector x3 Professor Elms x3 Flowershop Lady x1 Rare Candy x4 Pokemon Communication x4 Switch x1 Alph Litograph 4...
  12. adamisclassy

    Metagross SV/Absol Prime

    Hey everyone! I have always had a fondness for Absol. Thus, I like running decks that involve him. So my new idea is to combine him with metagross sv who reduces all pokemon's hp by 20 and miasma valley. The idea being that if Absol is active, No pokemon with under 60 hp can be put into play...
  13. adamisclassy

    H: Mew Kingdra Magnezone Gengar and Machamp Primes!!! W: Stuff!

    US Only Please mail with toploaders, I will do the same. Ref rule, lower ref sends first. Pokebeach rules No WC cards, non english or fakes. Please state card conditions honestly, I will do the same Adam’s Want List High Want Yanmega Prime x2 Medium Want Pokemon Catcher (not...