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  1. The-Sinnoh-Champ

    DPPt/HGSS The Pokémon Farm - Berries + Pokémon + Items!!

    Welcome to The Pokémon Farm! MY INFORMATION: My Friend Code: Unknown at the moment. Contact Times: I live in the UK, so no trying to trade with me when I am sleeping please :). At the moment (until 20th April 2009), I can trade from around 12pm - 9pm, in United Kingdom GST. Please Note: My...
  2. The-Sinnoh-Champ

    DPPt/HGSS TSC's My Player Thread - Stark Mountain

    My Rules: Redistribution: Only redistribute if you have permission. No hacks: I do not offer hacks, therefore i do not expect to be traded them. Anything with the Owner Daniel and ID No. of 02521 belongs to me, and is most definately not hacked. Post a Link: I do not want to see anyone...
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    I am leaving Pokébeach... Goodbye. Pokemon Battle Revolution clan goes to: LordDarkrai Oh, and ssb4ever, you can keep the ditto :P see ya'll!
  4. The-Sinnoh-Champ

    Please rate two of my fakes!

    please rate and help me with my fakes!: thanks! *note: these cards were made on adobe illustrator CS, then turned from an ai to png using adobe photoshop CS*[attachment=3758]
  5. The-Sinnoh-Champ

    Writing my brand new fanfic - The Realm Of Mewtwo

    blurb: My name is Daniel. My starter pokémon is Chimchar. I listened. I watched. I waited. Every day a person's Pokémon' go missing. But i'm gonna get to the bottom of this. Right to the bottom of it. Legend says that the Devil of all Pokémon is behind this, and lurks inside that tower, the one...
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    TSC's Photoshop Workshop! Request Pokémon PSD drawings here!

    Hello, and welcome to my PSD workshop. Here, you may request Pokémon drawings and i shall make them into PSD's. Examples of my work are in the banner: PLEASE CAN ALL REQUESTS BE NICE, PLEASANT, NOT-DISCUSTING, AND NORMAL POKÉMON? THANKYOU ALL! there isn't really anything else to say...
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    Breloom Avatar

    I am in DIRE need of a Breloom avatar - i love breloom! (as you can see in the sig) Instead of my nutty friend, i really want a good Breloom avvy - please post ideas or make any suggestions. Thanks. [attachment=3335]
  8. The-Sinnoh-Champ

    please rate this fake card i made: mew

    Here it is: [attachment=3230] please look at my poll and any other good points or bad points. thanks, -TSC- p.s. i haven't added RL's damage - it is 70.
  9. The-Sinnoh-Champ

    Glaceon LV.X

    I just wanted to tell the whole of pokébeach my new deck theme (when dp3/4 whatever) comes out! GLACEON LV.X! I just wanted a little advice on using it, combos, and the overall card. Here it is: Glaceon Lv.X - 100 HP [W] Poke-Body: If Glacia Lv.X is your Active Pokemon, your opponent can't...
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    The Sprite Heaven. The best spriting contest around!

    Hi there. Welcome to this SPRITING CONTEST. There will be 9 rounds, and to participate we need 10 members. Each round will be based on these things: Name = ??/10 Effort = ??/10 Rank = good, very good or excellent (excellent = 10 marks, 5 marks then 3 marks) Look = ??/10 Colourful = ??/10...
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    Writing my fanfic - THE DOOR TO POKÉLAND (chap.8 is done!)

    here it is. *blurb* I was a real person. Until i got my DS. For christmas this year, i got a Nintendo DS system and the Pokémon Diamond game. I couldn't wait to play it! I started the game up, and put in all my details etc, until WAAAAAAAAAAggAArrrgghhhhh! CHAPTER ONE: The blurb...
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    Scratch Spriter Heaven

    :D Hi and welcome to the Scratch Spriter Heaven. Here, I do ask to follow a few rules: 1. NO swearing. 2. NO misuse of a post. 3. NO disencouragment (*S*) or bad rating. 4. Be nice. 5. Don't boast. If anyone breaks these rules, well i'll leave that to you, it's obvious. Here you...
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    Pokémon - Topaz and Cobalt

    This might be in the wrong place... Hi everyone. I am making a new generation of pokes, and wish for it to be as real as possible. For the new game, i try to design the game screens, sprite, idea plan etc etc. Basically, I need help. Please post your sprite ideas and creations for me below and...
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    How do you...

    how do you put a picture in your signature?:(
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    MY INFORMATION: My Friend Code: 4510-7803-2350 Contact Times: UK. schooldays:3:35pm-9pm holidays:12:00pm-10:00pm weekends:1:00pm-10:00pm DESPERATE NEEDS: Sneasel Ability: Pressure Nature: Jolly IV's...
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    The-Psychic-Shop =S

    Hello. Welcome to my Psychic Shop. You may refer to me as Psy. Let me tell you a little thing about my shop. I can tell you what Pokémon would get on with you in real life, turn all Pokémon sprites to the Psychic-type, and many more things etc etc. Get askin', and I'll be replyin'. Psy.