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  1. Leronne

    Standard Electivire/Electrode/Koko

    This is a fun little lightning deck i came up with for TCGO for post rotation. The point of the deck is basically to set up Electivire for one shots. Below I talk about my experience*, the point of each card and its strength and weaknesses. Pokémon: 18 1 Victini GRI 2 Electabuzz BUS 2...
  2. Leronne

    Standard Mega Venusaur EX XY

    I've always wanted to play Mega Venusaur EX, but with no spirit link and that massive attack cost, it just didn't feel very consistent. I know Evolutions is a little far away, but i wanted to make a concept deck so i'm instantly ready for when it's released. Now i few things before i get into...
  3. Leronne

    Standard Mega Ampharos / Raikou / Magnezone

    This isn't really a very competitive deck, just competetive enough to not get steamrolled on tcgo. Also i don't have the means to get shaymin or Hoopa, so please don't suggest them. Pokémon: 13 2 Ampharos EX 2 Mega Ampharos EX 2 Raikou 3 Magnemite 1 Magneton 3 Magnezone...