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    [Help Needed]Research on the Pokemon Community in the US

    Dear Pokebeach, This is Timothy from Hong Kong, a PTCG player. I am currently working on an essay on the Reasons for the Popularity of Pokemon TCG in the United States. After going to worlds last year, I have heard from players saying that they play Pokemon Cards because of the Community and...
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    Zekeel against Darkrai

    Hey guys~ I am currently playing Zekeel and found myself having no chance against Darkrai ex. Can anyone suggest me any way out except Terrakion? this is because consistency is highly concerned as well. My techs: 1 Bouffalant 1 Tornadus ex 2 Mewtwo ex 1 Tyrogue 1 Zekrom ex no Thundurus
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    Meganium Prime+Blissey Prime

    just came up with this idea...i am not sure if this is new or not though -,- simply move away the energies from a damaged meganium to another pokemon and heal with blissey so you dun have to discard you may want to throw in techs like Rosearade from Unleashed for the confusion and metapod...
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    Reshilosion HGSS-on

    Pokemon 20 3-2-3 Typhlosion 4 Reshiram 4 Cleffa 2-2 Ninetails Trainer 26 2 Pokemon Communication 2 Pokemon Collector 2 Dual Ball 2 Energy Retrieval 1 Revive 3 Plus Power 3 Junk Arm 3 Prof Oak’s New Theory 1 Prof Juniper 3 Rare Candy 2 Switch 2 Pokemon Reversal Energy 14 12 Fire 2 Resuce...
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    Tangrowth DP4/GE

    it is actually a translation mistake, the first attack of Tangrowth means counting the energy instead of energy card......
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    Holon Engine

    I know it was already rotated, but which deck works te best with it????
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    Ruling Venomoth SW

    if i use gallade to sonic blade Venomoth SW, will gallade become Poisoned and Asleep???
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    Wally's Training

    Is wally's training reprinted in any set???? (even banned also).....if yes, in which pop???
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    Blisscario vs. Breloom+Lucario

    Which is better???? thx
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    Which is better????

    Megagatr with Holon engine or Blisscario with Fishing Engine when i am playing a 20 minutes game??
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    T2 decks

    Which one is the best T2 decks???
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    20 minutes play

    I am having a competition with only 20 minutes, since G&G is too slow to win, which deck is the best to play????
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    Which deck is better?

    Which deck is better????
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    which deck is better???? why???? discuss
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    I have bought two delcattys recently and i want to build i deck with it......what do u all suggest??? i have also got a Delcatty ex
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    Ruling Aerodactyl

    if i have 4 aerodatyls in play (DP4) after my opponent used a power, how many damage counters do i need to put on that pokemon??? 20 or 80???
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    Ruling 6 cards in a deck????

    did the japanese official website said that we can have 6cards with the same name in a deck???or it is only for the prerealeases???
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    Which deck is better?

    Megatr Blissvire Flyvire Inferncatty DAX LOCK R-TINEON(matine+empoelon+rayquaza d)
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    Ruling A question

    What is DAX lock actually??? They say that it is crazy, but I dunno what it is, can anyone tell me pls????
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    What can remove the weakness of aggron ex CG without the help of holon energy and blasty d????