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    Writing Scribblenauts: The True Story (Updated with Chapter 2)

    Scribblenauts: The True Story Other Chapters Chapter 2 Chapter 1: “If your notebook is so interesting Maxwell, then why don't you share it with the rest of the class.” Maxwell looked up from his notebook to see Mr. Robinson, his science teacher, staring at him, along with the rest...
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    Musical Instrument for Teenager

    I've always wanted to play some sort of instrument. Could someone give me some instruments that they think that a 14 year old kid would enjoy playing?
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    PS3 Games

    I'm probably getting a PS3. Could someone reccomend any games for me?
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    Which DS/Wii games should I buy?

    Im goingt to buy a DS game and/or Wii game soon. Which should I get? I play all kinds of games.
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    Anyone up for a battle?

    Network Name: Kingdra King Password: Kingdra King So anyone want to battle?
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    Should I?

    Should I buy a booster box of Advent of Arceus? Also can someone tell me about how much it will cost me? Thanks!
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    Need ways to make some money!

    I have decided to do some work to get some extra money. I have looked on some sites and I know all the basic ways. So does any one have any ideas for me? Thanks!
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    Metal Gengar or MetaKrow?

    Which one should I play? Metal Gengar is Metagross (reduces 20 HP from everyone) and Gengar (snipes down everyone). MetaKrow is basically the same thing only with Honchkrow. So which one?
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    How much will Metal Gengar (Meta Ghost) be played?

    Read the title.
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    So are there any fans out there? I personally love them and they are in my top 3 if not my favorite! So these ar my favorite songs of theirs: Suck My Kiss Give It Away Under The Bridge Can't Stop Dani California Californiacation These are just some of there many and amazing songs...
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    100 Percent of posts - Mods lock this.

    In my profile it says that my posts are 100 % of total posts. I know that this has happened to others in the past. This is pretty cool but it still needs to be fixed I guess.
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    Pokemon Petition! Trying to get more pokemon to Israel!

    I'm making this because I just called a store here in Israel and they said that there are enough kids that like it but the person the brings the cards to Israel brings older sets and not the newest ones. I know there aren't many (or none) of you guys (or girls) here on the beach from Israel but...
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    Anyone from Israel?

    I ask this once again in hope someone from Israel has joined. So is anyone from Israel?
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    I downloaded redshark so do I need hamachi to play online? If so how does it work? Can someone give me a link to download it.
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    Chat Room Problem

    Does anyone have a problem right now with the chat room? I can't seem to join the channel.
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    Digimon World Dusk/Dawn DS

    I got Digimon World Dusk for my DS Light because I saw my friend playing it. It's an amazing game and I can't stop playing it. Another good fact is that it's for the DS Light so you can take it anywhere not like Wii or PS. So does anyone else have it? If not I would recommend you to buy it.
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    What's the difference?

    What's the difference between damage and damage counters?
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    My fake cards!

    Here is a fake card that I made. If you think that I took the thing with Red's head on it from some where then you're wrong. I made it myself!