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  1. GengarGuys

    Expanded Vespiquen/Flareon/Empoleon

    Hey Beachgoers! I have been working on this Vespiquen/Flareon/Empoleon Deck for a while now. I am trying to make it as consistent as possible and I would like to know how you guys feel about it. Pokemon: 29 4 Eevee 4 Flareon 4 Combee 4 Vespiquen 4 Unown 3 Shaymin-EX 2 Empoleon 2 Exeggcute 1...
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    Standard Umbreon/Zoroark/Tauros (AOR-SUM)

    4x Eevee 4x Umbreon-GX 2x Tauros-GX 2x Zoroark 2x Zorua 1x Oranguru 1x Charizard-EX 3x N 4x Sycamore 2x Lysandre 3x Brigette 4x Ultra Ball 2x Float Stone 3x EXP Share 4x Max Elixir 4x Crushing Hammer 2x Enhanced Hammer 2x Parallel City 4x DCE 7x Darkness Energy Trying to get back into PTCG...
  3. GengarGuys

    Discussion Aqua Patch: What Will You Use?

    I'm interested in seeing what the community will use with the new Aqua Patch. I'll be using: Manaphy Glaceon Ninetails
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    Attacks That Discard Tools

    Hey Pokebeach, I am running a quite ability reliant deck, each Pokemon in the deck has an ability in fact, and I was wondering if there is a card that discards tools with an attack. Thanks for the help. If you wanna know about the deck, pm me!
  5. GengarGuys

    Discussion Starmie/Volcanion

    Hey Pokebeach, an innovation in the Volcanion deck that may help it in many matchups. Granted it will pretty much autolose to anything with Garbodor. Starmie – Water – HP90 Stage 1 – Evolves from Staryu Ability: Galactic Spin Once during your turn (before your attack), you may discard 1 card...
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    Standard Mega Ray Help Standard 2017

    So I'm probably gonna be playing Mega Rayquaza for 2017 Standard and I have no idea how to build one. I really just need all the help I can get. Pokemon: 16 4x M Rayquaza-EX 4x Rayquaza-EX 3x Shaymin-EX 2x Hoopa-EX 1x Glaceon-EX 1x Manaphy-EX 1x Regice T/S/S: 36 4x Sycamore 2x N 2x Lysandre 1x...
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    Discussion Will people really play Pokemon Ranger?

    I'm a Jolteon player and I want to play it for Autumn Regionals. Do you think People will play Pokemon Ranger? Please comment if you will include it in your lists. This is the potential deal breaker for my deck.
  8. GengarGuys

    Standard PRC - ON Jolteon Garbodor

    Hey Pokebeach. I found that this deck beats most PRC-on decks ON PAPER. I need some help making it more consistent. Pokemon: 11 2 Garbodor (BKP 57) 2 Shaymin-EX (ROS 106) 4 Jolteon-EX (GEN 28) 2 Trubbish (BKP 56) 1 Raikou (BKT 55) T/S/S: 39 4 Fighting Fury Belt (BKP 99) 1 AZ (PHF 117) 1...
  9. GengarGuys

    Discussion Vileplume Partners - A Long Talk On All Basic Pokemon

    So basically, I just spent an hour looking through the Pokemon Database for Basic Pokemon with energy costs of 3 so here they are. I will be straying away from typical partners for Vileplume such as Vespiquen or Giratina-EX!!! Good: Dialga-EX - PHF Lugia - FCO Dragonite-EX - FFI Regigigas -...
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    Discussion Predicting The Metagame For Nationals

    Hey Pokebeach, everyone is trying to find the deck with the best matchups for nationals, but why don't we just look for the metagame going into Nationals then go from there as to what deck you will play so here are my predictions from what will show up the most to what will show up the least...
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    Discussion Pokebeach Metagame!

    Hey People of Pokebeach! I was wondering if we could make a Piechart of the decks that all people of Pokebeach are playing right now, or are taking to nationals, or what you think the best deck in the format is. Just comment it down below and after a 20 or so comments I'll make a pie chart with...
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    P!P/Rules Format Predictions

    What sets do you think will be in the Expanded format and Standard format come september? Here are my predictions. Standard: FFI-FOC Expanded: XY-FOC
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    Discussion Zoroark in Night March?

    So people at my league are saying Yveltal is the play for Nationals to combat Trevenant. Now I have grown to love Night March. Now I really have a 30/70 matchup with Trees and I feel like Zoroark BKT would help with that. What does Pokebeach think?
  14. GengarGuys

    Discussion Legacy Format Help

    Hey guys, Gengar here. I'm in need of help with the Legacy format. I know I want to do something with Crobat Prime, Terrakion NVI, Mewtwo-EX, Yanmega, or Meganium. Thanks! :D I also think we could form a tier list for the Legacy format in this thread. Thanks!
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    Discussion League Challenges - What to Play?

    So League Challenges are my favorite tournament in the Pokemon competitive scene. I love them because the competitive tension is at a low, and so are the rounds. They are also a good testing environment and are prevalent throughout the year. Here are some of my favorite plays at league...
  16. GengarGuys

    Discussion Is Seismitoad-EX Still Viable?

    So Marowak is seen as a big Seismitoad-EX counter, but I really like Seismitoad and I don't think people will play it for just one deck unless it is put into NM. So is it still a viable deck?
  17. GengarGuys

    Standard Zygarde/Barbaracle

    Zygarde/Barbaracle Pokemon: 14 3x Zygarde-EX 2x Binacle 2x Barbaracle 2x Hawlucha 2x Shaymin-EX 1x Lucario-EX 2x Regirock-EX Trainers: 34 4x Trainer's Mail 4x VS Seeker 2x Ultra Ball 4x Sycamore 1x Lysandre 2x N 4x Fighting Stadium 3x Korrina 3x FFB 1x Power Memory 1x Escape Rope 1x Float...
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    Discussion Lugia Fates Collide Applications?

    So I really like the new Lugia from Fates Collide because it is reminiscent of the Bouffalant from Dragons Exalted, but I am having a tough time figuring out what deck to put it in. What does Pokebeach think? -Gengar
  19. GengarGuys

    Discussion Octillery VS Shaymin in Night March

    Octillery can be brought out using Level ball and so can all nightmarchers and mew. Now Shaymin offers more speed but then opponents lysandre it and ko it for a faster path to victory.
  20. GengarGuys

    Discussion Medicham Viablity?

    Medicham PCL could see some more play when you take into account all of the Fighting support we have. Here is the math and why the deck will become good. Yoga Kick + 30 2x Regirock + 20 Fighting Stadium + 20 (to EX Pokemon) 1x Strong Energy + 20 ---All Math Multiplied 2x due to Omega Double---...