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  1. master1116


    What do you think Phione from Moon Hunting & Night Dashing (DP4) will be? A basic pokemon or a baby pokemon (almost the same as basic) My opinion: I think it'll be a Basic pokemon. I read that it's bred from Ditto and Manaphy. and it's the only pokemon that doesn't evolve into the pokemon...
  2. master1116

    Ruling Walrein's Ice Bind

    Walrein L.53 – Water – HP130 Stage 2 – Evolves from Sealeo Poke-Power: Freeze Up You can use this power once during your turn, when you play Walrein from your hand to evolve 1 of your Pokemon. Flip 2 coins. If both are heads, choose 1 of your opponent’s Active Pokemon and discard that...
  3. master1116

    Inferno Zone

    can someone give me the Inferno Zone theme deck list please?
  4. master1116

    Ruling Gastrodon

    Are you allowed to play full lines (4-4 Gastrodon (east) or (west) of both Gastrodon east and west from Shining Darkness?
  5. master1116

    Ruling Holon WP

    Holon WP energy says if the pokemon it's attached to has a water energy attached to it also, prevent all effects of attacks (excluding damage) done to that pokemon. So if a Card said put 5 damage counters (not 50 damage) on that pokemon, would WP negate it?
  6. master1116

    Ruling Marowak d + Scramble

    does a Scramble energy count as 3 different energy on Marowak d DS allowing him to damage 3 different pokemon?
  7. master1116

    DP3 Theme decks

    What do u think the DP3 Theme decks are going to be? I'm pretty sure there going to be a Blastoise deck a Charizard deck and a Venisaur deck.
  8. master1116

    Ruling Budew

    can budew search for pokemon tools?
  9. master1116

    Ruling Lake Barrier/Walrein ex PK

    if u had Walrein ex PK active and u use wreck with Lake Barrier in play against a fire pokemon, do u discard the stadium 1st and then do damage, or does the attack do x2 and then u discard the stadium?
  10. master1116

    Ruling ex and regular

    are u aloud to hav 2 ex versions of a card and a regular one's in your deck.example: 2 Delcatty ex and 4 Delcatty PK
  11. master1116

    Ruling Multi Energy

    I don't really get what it does. is it just a rainbow energy without the damage?
  12. master1116

    Ruling Magnezone

    if Magy haz a metal energy attached to it, can he retreat for free?
  13. master1116


    wud a Manaphy level up or evolve to a Phione in the TCG?
  14. master1116

    Ruling Faraligatr d: Battle Aura

    If u have mor than 1 Gatr in play, does that mean the active pokemon's attack does mor than 10 extra damage?
  15. master1116

    Pokemon Ferret or Dog

    Are Cyndauil and his evolutions dogs or ferrets?
  16. master1116

    Ruling Salamence d: Delta Blast

    if u hav mor prize cards left than ure opponent and hav a scramble energy and a fire energy attached to salamence d, do u still hav to discard something to uz Delta blast?
  17. master1116

    Hmm, Weird

    You kno how there aren't any normal animals n pokemon. Well i just noticed that on one episode, Brock wuz suposedly making chicken stew, but since there are no normal animals he wuz really probably making Torchic stew. it's kinda weird once u think about it.
  18. master1116

    What's The Best

    Which deck posted so far would be the most competition against your deck? For my answer i wud hav to say Electinite, because my Empoleon is weak to lightning, and Elactivire is resistant to my Aggron ex.
  19. master1116

    Ruling Dragonite d

    Does dragonite d hav to be ure active pokemon to uz his poke-power?
  20. master1116

    Ruling LV.X + Scramble

    If u hav mor prize cardz left than ure opponent, duz scramble work as 3 of any energy on a LV.X pokemon?