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  1. yammark

    Discussion Ohmura (Pokémon Designer) Just Quit Gamefreak. This Makes Me Wonder for Gen8

    2 days ago Ohmura just tweet this and he quit Gamefreak now :confused: One of the big name Pokemon designer just quit Gamefreak. Ohmura is one of the lead designer in Pokemon game. Is this mean Pokemon Gen 8 not even start the design...
  2. yammark

    Discussion No 3rd legendary & just 1 mythical , So GEN 8 coming soon !!!

    After datamine of demo leak . It is confirm that there is no 3rd legendary Pokemon . There is only one mythical Pokemon and it is ... MARSHADOW !!! :oops: :eek: :mad: It look like Pokemon GEN 8 is coming soon . So the rumor about ... New Pokemon games within 6 months of NX launch ...
  3. yammark

    Discussion How Many New Pokémon Do You Think Will be in Sun & Moon?

    XY had only 71 new Pokemon . And this is the list and potential evolution line of the new Pokemon that we have know so far . :oops: 1. Rowlet 2. (2nd evolve of Rowlet) 3. (3rd evolve of Rowlet) 4. Litten 5. (2nd evolve of Litten) 6. (3rd evolve of Litten) 7. Popplio 8. (2nd evolve of Popplio)...
  4. yammark

    B/W Rumor Could Still Be Relevant For S/M

    I'm currently reading rumor of SunMoon and end up by reading rumor from Black/White . And I found some rumor is correct . This rumor post by June 11th, 2010 (before black/White release) (this is almost correct...
  5. yammark

    What's Your Plan For Your Sun & Moon Journey?

    If Pokemon Direct official announce Pokemon Gen 7 (Moon/Sun) tomorrow . What is your plan for 7th generation ? What would you gonna do on your journey ? I have plan my journey long time ago since XY release . When XY release , At that time I just read every spoiler , watch all of the leak...
  6. yammark

    Wi-Fi Trades LF : Female Skrelp with HA in Net Ball

    My friend code is : 5472-8885-5413 I'm looking for Female Skrelp with hidden ability Adaptability and it must capture in the Net Ball I will give you Yveltal , Mewtwo , Azelf (please choose one ) Updates : 19 Nov 2015 Trade success . Closed
  7. yammark

    Wi-Fi Trades LF Skiddo/Gogoat HA , Offer Shiny Legendary and more

    Friend Code: 5472-8885-5413 Time Zone: GMT+7 Haves: Many of Pokemon to offer the list is below Wants: Skiddo or Gogoat with hidden ability Grass Pelt Hello , It's nice to meet you I'm looking for Skiddo or Gogoat hidden ability Grass Pelt ************************************** My offer is...
  8. yammark

    Wi-Fi Trades Have Yveltal: Need Ducklett

    Friend Code: 5472-8885-5413 Looking for battles: Yes Time Zone: GMT+7 Haves: Yveltal lv 50 Wants: Ducklett with hidden ability - Hydration , want lower LV than 35 , the nature must be MODEST (but CALM,TIMID,BOLD is fine) PS. I give you Yveltal . All i need is Ducklett...
  9. yammark

    Pokemon Do Mega-Evolutions Make Pokemon Lose Their Potential of Evolution?

    Mega evolution is great idea . But i think Mega evolution make some pokemon lost their potential of evolution . I can understand that pokemon who have ''three-stage evolutionary line'' get a mega like ... Bulbasaur --> Ivysaur --> Venusaur --> then Mega But pokemon who don't have any...
  10. yammark

    Pokemon When Can we Expect Generation VII?

    Since Diancie reveal in Corocoro feb 2014 so Hoopa in feb 2015 Volcanion in feb 2016 and new generation pokemon will reveal in Corocoro feb 2017 with new movie . It can't be late more than 2017 right ?
  11. yammark

    XY Interview with Masuda in Japanese - Requires Proper Translation

    ポケモンセンターヨコハマで行われたファンミーティングに参加してきました! 6時半に家を出て8時半に着き、待っている間に待っている間に野良バトルしたり、5Vユキワラシを対価交換したりしました。ネット接続なしですれ違いの延べ人数が2000人を超えるとは……ポケセンってすげえ! 東京にはよく出没しますが、ほとんど地下には行ってないのでね……。 さて、ユズヤは2回目に参加することができました。1回目も窓越しに見ていましたが全然聞こえなかったw その節は本当にありがとうございましたm(_ _)m(私信)...
  12. yammark

    Stegosu (rock-ice type) , comment please

    My design base on Stegosaurus 1st pic : Plate Fossil and Stegosu [Rock - Ice] 2nd pic : 2nd Form [Rock - Ice] Comment please {W}
  13. yammark

    Who drew this Yuginooh?

    I just see this pic on Facebook . I'm very love it and want to know who draw this . If you know tell me the link that i can see more of his/her work please . I'm want see more of his/her work . and i saw this picture too . It's really a nice art . I want to know who draw this too ...
  14. yammark

    The Love of Siam

    I just watch the movie call The Love of Siam yesterday at Youtube . After I watch it , i can't help but my tear drop . It's very great movie i ever watch !!! If you want to watch it follow link The Love of Siam part 1 The Love of Siam...
  15. yammark

    illustrate by Yammark

    Official original art by Ken Sugimori [Pokemon mystery dungeon blue version ] My art for Pokemon mystery dungeon fossil version Concept 1 Sketch 1...
  16. yammark

    Pokemon searching emerald gym leader pic

    Hello everybody . I am searching emerald official gym leader picture. It should be Ken Sugimori image only[do not count pic from anime or manga]. In ken sugimori picture section at Pokebeach has only Tate&Liza. So other 7 gym leader if you has it post them please. Maybe from Gold & Silver...
  17. yammark

    Pokemon picture from official book T_T

    as this topic The book just come to my home today  . I order book #1 ,#2 and #3 but book#1  print by Intabane  they don't port to other country [sell in japan only] but book#2 and #3  i can order it this is the picture , I choose...
  18. yammark

    Pokemon Evolution and the design .....

    Hello everybody . I have qeustion. 1. What evolution make you antonish ?? 2. How do you think about design of some Pokemon in DP is ugly? For me 1. The evolution of Remoraid to Octillery[How fish becoming Octopus ] , Clamperl to Huntail and Gorebyss[How pearl oyster becoming to deep...
  19. yammark

    Pokemon Pokemon Official Book ???

    Hell  everyone !!  I'm the new member here . [I can't speak English  and Japan  so  my  skill english  is  bad  ] I  want  to  buy  Pokemon Official  Artbook of Pokemon DP . I go  to  and  go  to  Official book  section  but  my problem is  I  can't read...