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    DPPt/HGSS Yeah

    Yeah MY INFORMATION: My Friend Code: 2535 -0115 -7126 Contact Time: Here and now. MY HAVES/WANTS POKEMON FOR TRADE==================== Mewtwo level 100 Cheated Shiny Palkia Cheated Celebi Camrupt level 100 Blissey level 100 Cheated Kyogre Modest level 100 Cacturn level 100...
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    Pokemon How ?

    How can l ev train a pokemon level 100 in D/P ? In emrald l would put them in teh box to add teh evs ,but what do l do in Pearl ?Does this still work ?
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    Wi-Fi Trades No Care's My Player Thread

    l have : Pkrs Mewtwo Jolly Bulk UP Calm Mind Recover Metronome(With 16 pp) Blissey Calm Serene Grace Mimimeze Flamethrower Psychic Softboiled Shedinja Lonely Shadow Ball Return Confuse Ray Grudge (l am not sure bout his one) (Cheated)Celebi Bold Calm Mind...
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    Pokemon hay l am new .

    Welcome me or welcome not ... l just don't care .l just don't ...