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    Tuesday, 3/27, Site Plans

    I have a suggestion for the Strategist thing. You could just have a few people like say somewhere between 5-10 people write articles once a week on a certain topic. Pretty much solves all the problems with the strategists and it works on other sites like so it's effective...
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    World Of Warcraft Discussion board!

    Server - shandris Race - Night Elf ftw!! Name - Carassa level 21 ^O^ Class - Hunter
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    Japanese Players play with Japanese Cards?

    I'm guessing both but Japanese cards would probably be the ideal since it's Japan and much easier to do sealed deck and stuff with half decks =) My oppinion though
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    DP rules ?

    The New rules are sweet!! Finally the game got good enough for me to jump back in ^O^ - Trainers were NEVER meant to be half the deck in my oppinion to begin with. A deck should be balanced with Energy, Pokemon and Trainers. So really the new Trainer rules dont affect anything! -...
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    DC vs Marvel (comics)

    I love DC comics about the only decent Marvel comics to me are: Avengers/Young Avengers/DD/Spiderman I mean thats really about it and Spiderman is debatable because only amazing spiderman is good <.< DC rocks you have Teen Titans Green Arrow JLA JSA Supergirl Birds of Prey...