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  1. Chariblaze

    ORAS OR/AS soundtrack now available on iTunes! 160 tracks, $10. Apparently it's been there since the 16th?
  2. Chariblaze

    Pokemon A Friend Received These Direct Messages on Twitter from @Pokemon Today. Has Anyone Else?

    It seems a bit out of the blue and, well, direct. I had to go through a whole process involving a phone call and forms when I won a t-shirt from a @NintendoAmerica sweepstakes. A scam would probably come from @Pokenon (or something) and would keep communication on Twitter ("DM us your...
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    E3 2014 Discussion Thread

    We usually do one of these, right? I don't have too much to say in the OP, so I'll just reuse Rusticks's OP from last year's thread: The biggest event in gaming starts tomorrow in 4 days folks! Here you can discuss what you want to see, what has been shown, and what you wish was shown...
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    Mega Evolution Special Viewable on Poké Well, Part/Number 1, at least. I heard this was neat.
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    ORAS Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire! Ruby & Sapphire Remake / Sequel Confirmed! Post on official site...
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    Playthrough Pokémon Black & Pokémon White: Super Music Collection Available on iTunes :D :D :D Teeboy23 called it!:
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    Playthrough D/P Soundtrack Now Available on iTunes for $10 USD! :D No Platinum tracks, but those and the Emerald tracks were in the Japanese release of the BW2 soundtrack, so maybe someday?
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    Wi-Fi Trades Chariblaze's Thread -- Will RNG for DWFs!

    Friend Code: 0175-9125-7421 Time Zone: Eastern Time Times Available: 4 P.M. to 2 A.M. EST Services Offered: - I can RNG most things in Black 1. I won't do legends, and I can't do many Hidden Abilities, but I can do pretty much everything else. Pretty much. - I can clone things in Emerald...
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    RSE/FRLG Ruby/Sapphire soundtrack now available on iTunes for $10 USD! :D
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    RSE/FRLG FR / LG Soundtrack Now Available on iTunes for $12 USD! "More soundtracks coming in 2014" my foot. :P Interesting that this has 90 tracks vs. XY's 212, and yet costs $2 more. Maybe they don't expect it to sell as much? I dunno, the RGBY remakes were pretty big...
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    Eevee and Friends on Pokemon TV through December 15th

    Not much time left, but yeah, it's there: Very much like Meloetta's special, with the focus on visuals and all. Definitely feels suited for a theater screen. WARNING: there will be spoilers in this thread, so watch first! :)
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    Pokemon Origins Dub Now Available on Official Site Well, three of four parts at least. :X No telling how long they'll be up for, at least from what I see.
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    XY X / Y Soundtrack Now Available on iTunes for $10 USD! This hasn't hit the front page yet, so yeah. :X Also, there's this from the post on the official site:
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    DPPt/HGSS Masuda on the Azure Flute: "I thought it would be confusing for people"

    Nintendo World Report published their full interview with Masuda and Hironobu Yoshida today. Aside from various X and Y stuff, lo and behold, they got him to open up about the Azure Flute: We can now die in peace.
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    Playthrough Chariblaze's Guide to B/W RNG Abuse

    So back in August, Red Striker was on staff, and while here, he went around asking if it would be cool for him to write a guide an RNG guide, specifically on breeding. I, with my awesome guide-writing skillz, got in contact with him. The plan was for me to write the bulk of the guide, with Red...
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    XY What are the implications for Wi-Fi activities?

    Diamond and Pearl started the trend of Wi-Fi trading and battling, as well as the GTS, voice chat, and Battle Tower's Wi-Fi mode. These were things everyone dreamed about having for a long time, and they were finally in. Platinum added in the Wi-Fi Plaza, Battle Videos, and Tag Battles in the...
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    BW/BW2 Mystery Dungeon 3 is being localized! :D

    I'll lock this if it hits the front page, but: So it's Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, and it's being released on March 24. Also, old news, but... only 5 starters?
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    BW/BW2 Pokedex iOS -- An official app by PCI?

    So, this apparently came out three weeks ago, but the site just when live today: I know Japan's been getting iOS stuff for awhile, but I never once expected PCI to bring it overseas. It's basically Pokedex 3D Pro with more features and without 3D. You get Gen V for...
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    BW/BW2 A plug for The Casual Tournament

    Battle Arena is not a forum many people in BW2 Discussion frequent, and for good reason; it's probably one of the most competitive forums we have (VG-wise), and so people who are more interested in other aspects of the games don't have much reason to visit, even if they have a general interest...
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    BW/BW2 Pokemon Dream Radar Discussion

    So as with New Super Mario Bros. 2, Nintendo set Pokemon Dream Radar to release at midnight tonight. As I'm downloading it, I thought a general discussion thread would be in order. I don't have much of a topic yet, but... yeah. 4th Gen compatibility, man!