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  1. crann777

    Pokemon First 'Pokemon GO' Footage Premieres at SXSW Panel, Analysis

    If the game has Trainer levels, then I'm even more convinced that GO! is closer to Ingress than I had hoped. Ingress is (was) a shallow experience that was extremely hostile to new players, both in terms of mechanics and community, and I don't doubt the same will be said for GO!
  2. crann777

    'Pokekyun Collection' Mini-Set Coming January!

    Please don't reprint the EX. Thanks.
  3. crann777

    Hints at Next Years Rotation

    I agree with XY-on for Expanded. However, Battle Compressor probably shouldn't exist in a format with VS Seeker. Losing that and Night March is probably a healthy move for the game overall. I also think that we could stand to lose Manectric-EX and Bats in the process. There would be some...
  4. crann777

    Does anyone else LOVE the Generations basic energy?

    I'm indifferent. The stripe design just doesn't match with anything else in the TCG.
  5. crann777

    Anime Discussion Thread

    I can see this. I watched Gantz when it was first airing back in '04-'05, and I enjoyed it for what it was at the time. Haven't hunted down the live action adaptation(s) yet, but I can see why the show might not have aged well over time. Wrapping up season 2 of Log Horizon right now, since...
  6. crann777

    'CoroCoro' Reveals Volcanion

    Not even going to bother rehosting the artwork? Okay then.
  7. crann777

    Japan's XY9 Set: 'Rage of the Broken Sky,' New 'Battle Strengthening Sets'

    Dear Pooka, please use your pull with TPCi to ensure that this card never leaves Japan. Thanks.
  8. crann777

    Collecting The "Look What I Pulled" & Pull Rates Thread

    Picked up two Tins today (Latios and Hoopa). Got a M Latios EX in the Latios, and a Shaymin EX in the Hoopa.
  9. crann777

    Trades [CAN-NA] Have Multiple Cards, Willing to Trade Anything!

    I would be interested in trading for the following: Zoroark BREAK Seismitoad EX Xerneas BKT107 Take a look at my trade list and let me know if anything strikes your fancy.
  10. crann777

    Giratina-EX Variants

    Played it for a while. If you can Geomancy T1 you can hold your own, but otherwise it limps along too much for the current meta.
  11. crann777

    Trades [USA] H: FA Glalie EX, FA M Glalie EX; W: Pre-release Promos, Meta

    List is up-to-date with BREAKthrough.
  12. crann777

    In Search Of [USA] 2008-2009 League Badges

    I recently came into some old League prizes, and while most of it doesn't interest me, I would like to complete the Energy badges. Here is a picture of what I'm talking about. Probably a long shot, but I am currently missing three of the badges: Water badge Lightning badge Psychic badge Here...
  13. crann777

    Trades [USA] H: FA Glalie EX, FA M Glalie EX; W: Pre-release Promos, Meta

    Updated with EXs and BREAKs from BREAKthrough. BREAKthrough rares will be updated later.
  14. crann777

    Potential BREAK Pokemon in Upcoming Sets!

    I don't have an issue with any of these sans Magnezone and Typhlosion, because Stage 2 BREAKS sound awful, with the exception of Crobat BREAK. The rest are either already competitive or could be fun.
  15. crann777

    Discussion Why Parallel City Won't Be a Staple

    With the return of Skyla I can see it being a 1-off in some decks. I just think that if your deck doesn't depend on a type-specific Stadium, you're better off running Skyfield. Big question is whether the threat of Parallel City is enough to keep M Ray and Raichu out of the competitive scene...
  16. crann777

    Do you think building a new PTCGO engine is a plausible option?

    Yeah, the new UI is definitely not a good change. As bbninjas said, in addition to turning off animations, download the latest card images through the settings menu. If you want to build your own TCG simulator as a thought experiment/POC, then go for it, but be realistic about your...
  17. crann777

    Collecting The "Look What I Pulled" & Pull Rates Thread

    Bought a BREAKthrough ETB, a Jirachi promo pack, and a Hawlucha promo pack. Highlights: - FA Glalie EX - Chesnaught BREAK - Octillery - BKT Hawlucha (because Hawlucha) - Burning Energy The craptastic pulls continue!
  18. crann777

    Pokemon Toys and Cards in McDonald's Happy Meals in November

    So glad I have a kid now. All the Happy Meals!