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  1. Shishigami

    General Will The Real Kadabra Please Stand Up?

    Dear Pokébeach. I am on a mission. One that I think is truly too large in scope to not share to the many. I don't know how long it will take or the complete idea of how to achieve this, but I just cannot simply lie around rotting and not try to make a positive difference for the world. I want...
  2. Shishigami

    Collecting Is this Lt. Surge's Fearow a legitimate WOTC misprint or fake?

    Hi everybody, as for my first forum discussion on Pokébeach I stumbled what was either the needle in the haystack genuine misprint or an unusualy original looking run off the mill fake. Lt. Surge's Fearow (7/132) was never actually a rare card but strictly holofoil (as what happened with all...