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  1. Asrialys

    Pokemon 5-foot Zeraora, anyone?

    Life-size Zeraora plush coming out in Japan in February. So it costs just under $540 USD. I order from Japan's Pokemon Center Online store all the time, but they don't ship to the US. I have to use a forwarding service. Assuming...
  2. Asrialys

    Official Pokemon Sweepstakes - Win HGSS games, DSi, Undaunted Box, Undaunted Tins EDIT: Sorry, USA residents only.
  3. Asrialys

    Anyone want to battle? Need to see if even Hamachi won't work from within my school

    Tried connecting to someone as a guest and host while at school (my laptop) to no avail. And I battled this person before, but I was at home at the time. So who wants to help me see if my school's Internet connection really is the culprit. ID: AzriNet2 Password: 1234