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    help running Braid

    Basically, I can not get Braid running properly(on the computer.) At first the computer told me that I was missing a dll file(I fixed that problem.) Then after that when I run the program, the program sort of runs, music plays and a kind of window appears, but the is no picture. When I hit the...
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    BW/BW2 What you want in generation 5

    Okay, the thread's name pretty much says everything. I'm just curious to see what everyone else says. I personally want to see a light type. I would also like to see actual evade and accuracy stats. Some new hidden mechanics would be nice too.
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    Big Bang Mini

    I need help with mission 12. Does anyone have advice concerning it? I'm really stuck.
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    Great RPGs for the DS

    I'm looking for suggestions for a good game for the DS. Preferably a tactical game or an RPG. I have FFIV, Lunar Knights, Pokemon, and Chrono Trigger. Any recomendations?
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    Harvest Moon 64

    It is odd posting about such an odd aspect of such an old game, but in Harvest Moon 64, I can't get Elli's heart blue, much less red. I've gone to the bakery and talked to her every day. I've also given her eggs and cake every day, and I've danced with her. I give her grandma and the bakery...
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    Chrono Trigger DS

    Hi everyone. I am a huge fan of Chrono Trigger, and today when I went on the Square Enix official website it said a Chrono Trigger remake will be released for the Nintendo DS. I checked the Japanese website (the American CT site isn't up yet) and watched the little trailer. The graphics looked...
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    Does anyone have Trainer, Pokemon Tool, Stadium, and Supporter Card blanks

    Hello, I need trainer, Pokemon tool, stadium, and supporter card blanks, for faking. Does anyone have or know where to get them? If you do please let me know. Thank you.
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    Ruling Achetypes

    What are the Archetypes? I keep hearing the term, but I don't understand it.
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    Ruling Rain Dance?

    Blastoise SD means unlimited energy but you lose a turn. Could it mean a new Rain Dance? It wouldn't be as stong as it was initially but...
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    Ruling Mario?

    I don't understand Mario. What makes it good. There's no combo, it's just two fighting Pokemon. Please help me understand.
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    DPPt/HGSS Lance and Salamence's Player Thread

    Stephen (I like metal and dragon but no spells it Stephen just Steven so I'm Stephen) FC 3737 6190 5160 Haves: Grotle, Empoleon Wants: Pearl exclusive Pokemon excluding Tatetops chain Wins: none Losses: none
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    Megaman: Pegusas Leo Dragon

    Does anyone know about the next few Megaman games? I love them, but having lost their popularity, it's hard to find information about them. They sound good though. Lance's  PokePet Sally the level 79 Salamence!                                    
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    Writing The Shattering

    You ready for this? Then let's go. "Silver, Gold, Crystal!" shouted Lance. "Wake up! I've evacuated Goldenrod already. The city's under attack!" "Uuugh," moaned Crystal, looking out the window down on Lance. "Orre again!?" "I think so," Lance shouted back up at her. Silver got up and...
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    Writing best fanfic ever (it's interesting)

    Guess what it is odd about this fanfic and you get a Dialga (not really but kinda). (-0-) That was it's Pokeball. Here we go. Patter! Patter! The feet of the doduo rushed on through. The doduo wore masks to protect themselves from the poison powder in the air. A large and powerful looking...
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    Bannings :(  But Despair not

    Sombody, please listen. We all are aware that the rotations are about to start again. We all know that we are about to lose what I consider three of the best sets ever released. They are the following: EX Delta Species, EX Legend Maker, and EX Deoxys. We will be losing some of the best cards...
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    Legend Seeker

    This is my idea for a fake DP set, it is called "Legend Seeker". The cards in it are (would be): (Pokemon) Legendary Articuno Legendary Zapdos Legendary Moltres Legendary Lugia Legendary Ho-oh Legendary Mew Legendary Celebii Legendary Jirachi Legendary Manaphy Legendary Sheimi...
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    DPPt/HGSS Battle me soon

    When I get my dream-team I wanna battle ya with my super-natural party of Salamence (duh), Gabite, Lucario, Pidgeot, Infernape, and Raquaza. If you want to see it look at my trainer card. (As soon as I figure out how to put it up.) Anyways, who is brave enough to take on Lance and Co. Future Gym...
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    Ruling Help wiith Sally d

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for Sally d. You know, stratagy, comboes, that stuff. Here's what she does: Salamence            HP110 (r)(c) Fire Dance 30 Search discard pile for a (r) energy and attach it to one of your Pokemon. (m)(r)(c)(c) [/size]!!!DELTA BLAST!!!100...