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    (1) Black Kyurem and White Kyurem's Typings! [3/29]

    Hey, WPM, you accidentally misspelled "retain." Currently your post says "retrain". My computer is having trouble rendering images right now, so I was really confused for sec. xD Sorry to bother you with something so minor.
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    (1) BW5 'Dragon Blade' and 'Dragon Blast' Scans! [3/14]

    They already have. It's called darkness claw. That's the new sp darkness energy.
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    (1) BW5 'Dragon Blade' and 'Dragon Blast' Scans! [3/14]

    I don't think we'll ever see sp metal/darkness energies again, to be honest. After all, now that we have basic metal and darkness energies, there's really no reason why PCL would single out certain types to recieve a huge advantage like that. I think PCL considers them an unnecessary mechanic...
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    (2) 'Dark Explorers' Images, Clearer Box Art of 'Black 2' and 'White 2' [3/15]

    $15 normal, $20 FA It's not that great of a card.
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    (2) BW5 Shedinja and Garbodor, Keldeo Battle Strength Deck + Beginning Set [3/13]

    That's why they Catcher it before it evolves.
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    (2) BW5 Commercial's Cards, New Article [3/1]

    BTW Rayquaza EX is mistranslated. Itssecond attack cost is RL, not RC. Man, I saw that and flipped... LOL
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    (1) First BW5 'Dragon Blade / Dragon Blast' Cards Revealed! [2/2]

    ROFL at Ninetales. Can you believe that Bright Look was the most sought after power in the format a year ago?
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    (1) All 'Dragon Selection' Scans! [1/24]

    That makes sense. Thanks for clarifying.
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    (1) All 'Dragon Selection' Scans! [1/24]

    In my area, whenever we did a coin flip we asked, "Heads, tails, or Sableye." If you're right about Sableye's effect coming into play after the coin flip, then Spiritomb would almost certainly come into play after the beginning of the game (it can't come into play before the beginning can it?)...
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    (1) All 'Dragon Selection' Scans! [1/24]

    Sableye's pokebody takes effect "if Sableye is your active Pokemon at the beginning of the game..." Spiritomb's pokebody remains in effect "As long as Spiritomb is your active Pokemon..." Since "Spiritomb is your active Pokemon" "at the beginning of the game" (when Sableye's body comes into...
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    (1) All 'Dragon Selection' Scans! [1/24]

    Don't you flip for turn order after setting basics? If so, I would assume Spiritomb overrides it.
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    (1) All 'Dragon Selection' Scans! [1/24]

    Junk Arm looks cool, but after July it is rotation fodder, so I probably won't use any. With that said, First ticket is not a Sableye equivalent. Sableye was broken by its versatility, speed, format, and a bad R&D team. Consider the following: Remember that Sableye was not nearly as...
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    Name Change Requests - Closed.

    RE: Name Change Requests Would you mind changing my name to Unfallible Thanks in advance. Done! Thanks for already updating your sig! ~CMP
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    (1) Redshark 'Emerging Powers' Release [9/27]

    WPM, is this the "last release of Redshark" or just an announcement that Pokebeach will start "supporting the new program [PTCGO] above anything else [Redshark]"? Or am I completely misunderstanding something?
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    (1) Zangoose and Shiny Ho-Oh from 'Call of Legends' [1/5]

    What is lost world? I keep hearing about it, but I don't know what it is.
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    (2) Legendary's Ken Sugimori Artwork, Japan's VG Qualifier Rules Announced

    Compare Terrakkion to this if you will. It's probably totally coincidental but its still funny.
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    help running Braid

    Basically, I can not get Braid running properly(on the computer.) At first the computer told me that I was missing a dll file(I fixed that problem.) Then after that when I run the program, the program sort of runs, music plays and a kind of window appears, but the is no picture. When I hit the...
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    (1) NO BW IMAGES FOR YOU! [9/19]

    Careful, WPM, if I were you, I would play it safe and use missingno instead. Using Ditto could be really dangerous.
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    (1) New Cat Pokemon in BW Special [9/6]

    I can't view the video. It says it's private.
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    (1) 'Best Wishes' Previews Show Exciting Changes to the Animé [8/26]

    fast paced probably just means less filler so shorter seasons... In order to truly redeem itself in my eyes it needs to clear and and become japanese again. This is getting ridiculous.