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  1. astral_boy

    Pokemon Pokemon Battle Royale Exhibition

    I couldn't see this posted anywhere else, and I thought it was worth checking out. 151 artists were selected to create artwork based on the first 151 Pokemon for the Light Grey Art Gallery in Minneapolis. Check out the awesome artwork here:
  2. astral_boy

    Playing with modified rules

    When I play with my friend, for some reason, we got into the habit of removing all damage counters from cards when you evolve. It does give basics a bit more of a chance though, as well as making the game last longer. :P I know most people on here aim to make decks for competitions and the...
  3. astral_boy

    Ruling Swift vs. Metal Energies

    a question about metal energies... if somebody uses swift or something that says 'not affected by any other effects on that Pokémon', and the pokemon has a metal energy attached, is that counted as an effect?(i.e. the damage would not be reduced.)
  4. astral_boy

    Cards that have been.... DESTROYED!

    My friend's Charizard got cut up into seven pieces by a little girl, haha. Also, my mum threw out one of my brother's entire decks... however we managed to get most of the important ones back... Just wondering if anyone else has had relatively good cards destroyed... ?
  5. astral_boy

    Ruling Sorting Your Cards

    I'm guessing this is the right section to post in... I was just wondering how other people sort their cards. I have a binder with about 30 card sleeves that I share with my brother, and we used to arrange the cards in their numerical order. But the numbers aren't printed on the cards anymore...