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  1. Ilexon

    Pokemon Center UK Has Launched!

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Getting a Pokémon plush should be a lot cheaper, easier and faster now! Also playmats with nice designs will be there eventually hopefully! :D oh and also the Pokémon centre elite trainer boxes will be available.
  2. Ilexon

    All ‘VMAX Climax’ Secret Rares Revealed!

    Won't a lot of the v/vmax character rares go out of rotation by then? I wonder if they'll release them sooner somehow or just have out of rotation cards included
  3. Ilexon

    Get Mew and Jirachi in BDSP, Encounter Legendary Pokemon in Ramanas Park, and a Major Software Patch!

    The slates being the same shape as the cartridges of the games the corresponding Pokémon first appeared in is such a cool detail.
  4. Ilexon

    ‘Brilliant Stars’ Officially Revealed, Will Contain Character Rares from ‘VMAX Climax!’

    Does anyone know if the 20 Pokemon V include the character arts? it seems like a lot of Vs otherwise for the set size
  5. Ilexon

    Full ‘Fusion Strike’ Set List: Largest Set in History, Contains Missing Cards!

    The two cinderaces confused me for a second, was wondering why the one want single strike but then remembered/saw. I am happy about the double toxtricity and falinks in the set though.
  6. Ilexon

    Pokemon VSTAR Mechanic Revealed: Arceus VSTAR!

    I might not be looking hard enough but is N-DESIGN inc. a new illustrator? I cant seem to find any cards with art made by them other than the new Arceus V.
  7. Ilexon

    Pokemon Legends: Arceus Trailer Reveals Kleavor, Arc Phone, and More!

    It looks like they depict the noble Pokémon that warden looks after it seems, Mai seems to looks after a noble Stantler and Lian is looking after the noble Kleavor but I can't see the Pokémon on the other two
  8. Ilexon

    Pokemon Legends: Arceus Trailer Reveals Kleavor, Arc Phone, and More!

    oooooooooooo, the first look(?) at the map and also being able to see some of the pokemon in the ranch is really cute.
  9. Ilexon

    Pokemon Legends: Arceus Trailer Reveals Kleavor, Arc Phone, and More!

    Curious about what on earth the arc phone does, hopefully it still has an oldish feel. Love how so many characters are ancestors to pre existing ones as well.
  10. Ilexon

    Cosmog, Cosmoem, Tapu Lele-GX from ’25th Anniversary Collection,’ Plus Coin Contest!

    I love how the art follows the growth of both nebby and Lillie Cosmog - Packing to leave? Cosmoem - Camping maybe based on the top left corner of greenery. Hair still down Lunala - Hair up, fully evolved nebby
  11. Ilexon

    All 29 ‘Fusion Arts’ Secret Rares Revealed!

    The boltund fullart is really cute, Love the mew v and vmax alt arts as well as the rest of the alt arts. Breakdancing genesect is amazing
  12. Ilexon

    Pokemon Trading Card Game Live Officially Revealed!

    Does anyone else find the 3d avatars and all cards facing you really off. The board doesn't look like a real game, everything faces you and the bench gets super squashed, I hope there's a board like option. Some things seem good though, being able to get promos and individual cards in game...
  13. Ilexon

    Cross Switcher from ‘Fusion Arts’

    imagine if there was a stadium you had to play two of at a time and had an effect but took two other stadiums to take out of play. So there'd be two in play and each time a different stadium was played it would discard one
  14. Ilexon

    ‘Vaporeon VMAX / Jolteon VMAX / Flareon VMAX Premium Collections’ in December!

    This is amazing, cant decide whether the jolteon vmax or vaporeon vmax is my favourite special art
  15. Ilexon

    New Livestream Set to Reveal the Latest TCG Product Info: Our Speculation!

    If tcg live included Japan would they get all cards from prior to that point for free and how would the unsynchronised releases of sets in and out of Japan work? Would be very nice for players in japan though if it did.
  16. Ilexon

    Boltund V from ‘Fusion Arts!’

    I'm guessing it'll be good hopefully since its on the pack art for the English set (the Vmax)
  17. Ilexon

    Tsareena V, Falinks from ‘Fusion Arts’

    Can anyone tell what the shadow over the falinks art is? Im guessing another Pokemon maybe? Perhaps there'll be some connecting art. : D
  18. Ilexon

    More ‘Fusion Arts’ Cards Revealed, Including Deoxys With Three Battle Styles!

    The art of the Vmax chandelure is phenomenal, that Deoxys is a really interesting idea aswell. you could do fusion energy and 2 single strike energy aswell as those fusion tablets to do 230 damage (or more). I’m surprised Meltan and melmetal aren’t fusion because melmetal is literally tonnes of...
  19. Ilexon

    ‘Fusion Strike’ Products Officially Revealed!

    oh were all the chilling reign cuts in evolving skies?
  20. Ilexon

    ‘Single / Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX Premium Collections’ Revealed!

    will these boxes not contain beyond battle styles? If so that is very weird and makes them seem like they were intended for before chilling reign? Very cool anyway.