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  1. ThatUnlimitedProf

    Card List and Contents of Trainer’s Toolkit 2022 Revealed!

    I love the concept of these boxes. It makes it so much easier to get decent trainer cards, especially for newcomers!
  2. ThatUnlimitedProf

    “Lost Abyss” Japanese Set Featuring Giratina VSTAR Finally Revealed!

    Outside of Lost City, I'm not at all excited for this set. For me personally, I find it not as fun when Pokemon makes cards that are literally made to work with each other. In essence, Pokemon is making the meta and not the players. This completely removes most of the creativity for the game...
  3. ThatUnlimitedProf

    Spiritomb, Volo from ‘Dark Phantasma’

    Oh my gosh, VMAXs will be "back" with Volo. That's insanely good.
  4. ThatUnlimitedProf

    Enamorus V and Arc Phone from “Dark Phantasma” Revealed!

    I don't think it is as good as you think it is. It's a random face down card that you're switching with. You'd have to play four to really have a good shot at this, but I don't think that's worth the deck space.
  5. ThatUnlimitedProf

    Calamity Case from ‘Dark Phantasma’

    Tech in that important Galarian Zigzagoon!
  6. ThatUnlimitedProf

    35+ “Astral Radiance” Cards Revealed!

    The Radiant Greninja doesn't look special. It looks like every other card. I hope they have some really nice looking holo on it.
  7. ThatUnlimitedProf

    Top 300 Entries Revealed for 2022’s Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest!

    Can they, like, give future jobs to all these artists? These are incredible! What variety!
  8. ThatUnlimitedProf

    Cresselia, Switch Cart from ‘Time Gazer’!

    There's also a Cresselia EX, including Full Art. And a LEGEND card with Darkrai.
  9. ThatUnlimitedProf

    Cresselia, Switch Cart from ‘Time Gazer’!

    Didn't it have a secret rare gold card recently in Evolving Skies? :O
  10. ThatUnlimitedProf

    “Astral Radiance” Prerelease Promos Revealed!

    The only one I want is the Magnezone (since it can pair with the energy-dropping one in Expanded).
  11. ThatUnlimitedProf

    Hisuian Heavy Ball from S10!

    Yeah, Beast Ball.