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  1. TokenDuelist

    Fun Alternate Format: GB Format

    Hey everyone, a long while back I mentioned the prospect of a "pauper"-like format for Pokemon and I know a few of you were interested, though it was a little difficult to decide on something. Every once in a while I thought of writing up an alternate format, especially with a limited card...
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    Fun Lycanroc Midnight Form Gamestop/EB Games Code Giveaway Thread! (CLOSED)

    If this thread isn't allowed, please lock it or move it to the appropriate section! I've got dozens of Lycanroc Codes to give away to lucky forum followers! I should have at least 60 left and am giving out up to 2 per person (Only if you have both copies of Sun/Moon!) Just leave a comment on...
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    Pokémon Pokemon That Could Use Some New Moves (VGC)

    Hello PokéBeach! As we wait for the next main series game, we often find ourselves playing competitive play to fill the void! Of course that's not without it's own set of problems or concerns. With so many similar teams still running around, a lot of us try to find that one Pokémon that we...
  4. TokenDuelist

    Wi-Fi Trades TokenDuelist's Trade Thread - Breeding Available

    Welcome! Friend Code: 5370-1159-1434 Trainer Name: Sampson Game: Omega Ruby Time Zone: EST Notes: I sometimes breed Hidden Ability Pokemon for my local Pokemon League if I can get my hands on them, but I tend to keep a bunch of the rejects. So they will likely find their way here for anyone...
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    Sylveon: Fairy Stats: HP: 95 Atk: 65 Def: 65 Sp.Atk: 110 Sp.Def: 130 Spe: 60 Abilities: Cute Charm Pixilate (Hidden Ability) Viable Natures: Modest (Offensive) Quiet (Trick Room) Viable moves: Hyper Voice Shadow Ball Psyshock Protect Hyper Beam Moonblast Quick Attack Hidden Power (Ground)...
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    Collecting Bandai Releasing New Figure of Brock

    It was revealed today that Bandai will be releasing a figure statue of Brock. This statue is faithful to his original trainer pose from Red & Green. Who knows what this could mean. It could just be Brock, or perhaps maybe even start up a new line of Pokemon Figures? Planned Release Date...
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    Discussion Raichu and it's Competitive Status

    As the title says, do you all believe Raichu has some competitive value to match all the Top Tier decks out there? Why or why not? How do you all feel the Lysandre's Trump Card ban will effect it? Personally, I want to see Raichu keep improving, especially because it has a lot of room for...
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    Raichu Variants

    This thread is used for all competitive discussion on Raichu / Sky Field Variants, not including a Raichu line teched into other decks. This includes strategies, playstyles, and techs. You may post decklists here, but only as a means to add to the discussion. If you're looking for advice on...
  9. TokenDuelist

    P!P/Rules Pauper Format

    Format: Pauper Format You may have remembered this post beforehand, but I decided to update this a little bit with some info regarding the rulings a few League players and I went with. Rules Only Common & Uncommon cards are allowed. If the card was reprinted in a higher rarity (such as...
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    Ruling Herbal Energy - Shaymin EX

    So I had a little thought I'd like to get clarified Since this is considered a Grass Energy due to the top right symbol Can it be searched out by Shaymin EX because it doesn't specify Basic, but is still a Grass-type energy?
  11. TokenDuelist

    Good Partners for Tyrantrum

    Anyone know any good cards to go alongside Tyrantrum from Furious Fists? Mostly speaking about Basic Pokemon and something other than the ability Machamp. Interested in building a Tyrantrum deck.
  12. TokenDuelist

    Official Digimon Thread

    I'm actually surprised, as someone who likes both Digimon and Pokemon - that there's no Digimon discussion on Pokebeach. Any Digimon and Pokemon lovers out there?
  13. TokenDuelist

    There's an Eevee for That (Eeveelutions)

    Experience: Intermediate/Veteran Pokemon 4 Eevee ((Signs of Evolution)) ((All Eevees are from Plasma Freeze)) 2 Leafeon 2 Glaceon 2 Flareon 2 Espeon 2 Kangaskhan (Plasma Blast) 2 Deoxys EX 2 Thundurus EX Trainers 3 Professor Juniper 4 N 2 Silver Mirror 2 Silver Bangle 2...
  14. TokenDuelist

    Crobat Deck for Cities

    Pokemon 4 Zubat (Ability) 2 Golbat 4 Crobat (Plasma) 3 Gothita 2 Gothorita 2 Gothitelle (Ability) 2 Mr.Mime (Ability) 1 Giratina (Promo) Trainers 2 Professor Juniper 2 N 2 Skyla 2 Cilan 2 Hypnotoxic Laser 2 Virbank City Gym 2 Ultra Ball 2 Silver Bangle 3 Tool Scrapper...
  15. TokenDuelist

    Sigilyph Toolbox Counters?

    Hey there, I was tweaking a deck of mine for the city championships tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone knew a good solid counter to Sigilyph? I was thinking gothitelle but I'm not 100% sure on it. It's a crobat deck but I was wondering what I could do to counter a possible toolbox threat...
  16. TokenDuelist

    A new manga to replace Adventures?

    Now this is my personal opinion, but I feel like the Pokemon manga side of things could do much better with a new series of manga based on the games. Or rather - a new series in general. Now, this is an OPINION but... As much as I love the Adventures art style, the poorly timed scripts ((B/W...
  17. TokenDuelist

    TCG Artists You'd Like to See More Art From

    We all have favorite artists when it comes to the Pokemon TCG, that's one thing I am pretty sure we all have. We look at the cards and go "Wow they worked damn hard to make that, they should do more" and such art is beautiful. But sadly it seems things like 3D Art are taking up more spaces on...
  18. TokenDuelist

    Kingston Ontario Pokemon Leagues

    Anyone here in Kingston never go to the league we have before/not know about it? Just throwing it out there because I come across people a lot who never knew we had a league.
  19. TokenDuelist

    Good Counters to Top Stuff?

    I was just wondering what some good counters were towards pokemon like cresselia and abomasnow. During WiFi I often face off against these, I don't usually use one set team, I like to experiment a little. However I usually keep the genies into consideration and normally have 0 problems taking...
  20. TokenDuelist

    X/Y League Prize Support - What are you hoping for?

    With the BW 2 league season ending soon, what are your hopes and predictions for X/Y's prize support? Do you want GOOD promo cards? Code Cards (Ewwww.... ) ? or perhaps the return of POP Packs? (I'm hoping for this ) What are your thoughts on what they should do? After all I know many that...