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  1. Alex Sableye

    Ruling Ditto Prism Star

    Is this thing compatible with Rare Candy? I'm considering adding it to Metagross/Solgaleo but if it isn't compatible there's no sense in doing that.
  2. Alex Sableye

    Discussion Cofagrigus/Giratina viability?

    I was looking through the Lost Thunder set list again, and these two Pokemon seemed obvious to pair together. Basic Strategy: Cofagrigus Active, Four Giratina and one Oranguru on the bench. This would let Cofagrigus deal 130 damage a turn, and discard all benched Giratinas. Next turn return all...
  3. Alex Sableye

    Media The Tweet that split the world Yanny of Laurel? Tell me in the comments! P.S. I can switch *almost* on command.
  4. Alex Sableye

    Discussion Metagross GX

    First of all, how good of a tech is Dialga Gx? Second, I'm foreseeing a rise in mill decks after rotation, and if this is the case, is Metagross a good counter? It seems to me that the built in discarded energy recovery that comes with metagross can deal with energy discards, Dawn Wings plus...
  5. Alex Sableye

    Media Best. Meme. EVER.

    So before you watch this hilarious video, I need to preemptively say, Steel Type Splatooneon? YES PLEASE! Enjoy.
  6. Alex Sableye

    TCG Fakes Alex Sableye's Text Based Pokemon Fakes!

    Hi, I'm Alex Sableye, and this is my first ever fakes thread. My signature Pokemon type will be Ghost, but I may occasionally shake it up a bit! I try to post once a day except for Sundays. Requests are welcome, even if the requested Pokemon isn't a Ghost-type. Just PM me with the Pokemon you...
  7. Alex Sableye

    Expanded Alolan Marowak Toolbox

    I'm gonna say it right now, I'm not looking for deck changes, this is just a fun, non-competitive deck that some people wanted to see. That said, I have beaten a Mega Gardevoir deck with it. But honestly, this deck is just to annoy people who love consistency. Pokemon:20 2 Shining Legends...
  8. Alex Sableye

    Discussion Mega Scizor EX

    Please tell me my local league isn't the only one with this problem. Mega Scizor EX is EVERYWHERE in my local leagues! I get that it's cheap and consistent, but this just seems nuts to me! Over 25% of the players in my nearest league play Mega Scizor. The same league also doesn't see any meta...
  9. Alex Sableye

    Help My dead Gardevoir

    How soon should I sell my two Gardevoir GXes? I've already sold the third for around $8, but how soon should I trade/sell the other two?
  10. Alex Sableye

    Discussion Sawsbuck and Venusaur: The next Darkrai

    I wanted to create this thread to point out the incredible deck idea Just had. Anyone remember that Sawsbuck from the Black White base set? The one that did 20 and 10 more for every grass energy attached to all of the pokemon in play? Well, with the new Venusaur out, it can do 20 for all of your...
  11. Alex Sableye

    Expanded Venesaur/Alolan Exeggutor GX/Leafeon GX

    Suggestions PLEASE! 21 Pokemon: 4 Bulbasaur SHL 2 Ivysaur SHL 3 Venasaur SHL 4 Alolan Exeggutor GX 3 Exeggcute Base Set 2 1 Exeggute Crimson Invasion 2 Eevee Sun Moon Base Set 1 Sylveon GX 1 Leafeon GX 25 Trainer 2 Brigette 4 Rare Candy 1 N 3 Ultra Ball 2 Professor Juniper 1 Professor Sycamore...
  12. Alex Sableye

    Expanded GardevoirGX/ZoroarkGX/SylveonGX Deck

    So I made a deck built around Gardevoir GX, with Sylveon GX and Zoroark GX for support. I need to cut a few Pokemon to add one more SylveonGX, two/three more Eevee, and one Flareon/Vaporeon. (Maybe both?) I'm open to other suggestions as well. Here is the list: 19 Pokemon: 4 BUS Ralts 3 BUS...