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    Lord, Bush, Da Vinci, Unknown, Scooby-Doo & Hitler's Tavern (Looking for new blood)

    Welcome to the Tavern!! Feel Free to introduce yourself and share your stories with us!! We salute you, the Tavern client: *removed by DRK176* We serve: -Lemonade -Soda -Tea Feel free to ask for our special menu (currently working on it) We are ready to work 90% and to employ...
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    To celebrate my 1000th post: Pirates of the Caribbean 'O'? #1 Movie in America!!

    Hiya ppl, just to celebrate my 1000th post, I'm making a poll. About the new Pirates of the Caribbean: The Dead Man's Chest. As u all know, the movie has beaten USA's release record of $115kk (kk=million), stablished by Spider-Man, in 2004, with the amazing quantity of $132kk. And, it's going...
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    1,2,3,4...I declare a GIF war!!!!

    RULES: 1) Not any Porn, ok? 2) Goes like this: I post a picture of a stickman. Then, the person below me posts something like...ah, something that can kick the stickman. I'll start: [attachment=790]
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    Lord9511's 3D Factory (UPDATED July 7th [Look at first post])

    Here it comes!! Magnafly!! (Bug/Electric, Stage 2) [Currently working on another thing called "Kraktopus")
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    Food Fight: Lord9511's team

    Well, what's this all about? Anyway, enter here:
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    Wow, htf did this happen

    Well, I went to a store to buy a LM pack, and I walked happily home. When I came home, I opened the pack, and I got VERY surprised with what popped out of it. A Walrein ex, a Gengar and a Dustox ex, same pack. What are the odds for this?
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    3D Pokémons - by Kokonut Productions

    Hiya all, I'm making some 3D Pokémons, and I need ratings...RATE PLX!! Pokémon no.1 Voltorb
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    Ruling Republished Cards :S

    Can I use a (EXAMPLE) Rare Candy from Sandstorm if it was republished in Emerald and HP?
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    This set is about a parallel world. Pokémons from this world and from the other one fight against each other. This world's Pokémon defend this world, and at the same time, the parallel Pokémons try to invade this realm. Here are the Holos (#1-#19) and Rares (#20-#35): 1- Aggron/Stage 2...
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    Hardrock Record xD

    Take a look at this: Lordi_Hard Rock Hallelujah 80000 ppl singing "Hard Rock Hallelujah" on Finland!! A Guiness world record for sure xD!!
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    Black dots on cards

    I was wondering...why do black dots appear on cards? Is it just dirt or what? How can I remove then?
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    5 Word Roleplay :D

    I know that there's already a RP thread, but this one is shorter. Since "Ruin a Wish" was locked, I've decided that I should start a new one. It's very simple: I start with 5 words: I like to move it, Then, the person below me says: move it. I like to Then, another person: move...
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    Ruin a Wish

    This is how the game works: Person 1 starts like this: I wish for a cup of coffee. Person 2: You will never get it!! I wish for a glass of water. Person 3: You get an empty glass instead!! I wish I could blow this site up!! And the game goes on, and on, and on, and...
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    Contest: Weird, Fun Card Creation Contest

    I was staring at Imakuni and Imakuni Doduo's images, and suddenly, a thought hit my head as a train: "Why don't I create a contest featuring weird cards like those?" I'm just hoping that no one has created something like that b4...anyway, here're the rules: -There're going to be 3 rounds(the...
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    Forum game (A or B?)

    This is a simple game. I just start like this: Person A: A or B? Person B: A(Choose one of the options above) B or C? Person C: B H or Z? And it goes on. I'll start: Coffee or Tea?