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  1. Entei

    Quad Landorus EX

    I think Landorus EX would be best combined with Energy Retrieval + Terrakion EX. Maybe some other fighting pokés. Anyhow, with a pluspower or an Aerodactyl DEX, Landorus EX kan OHKO a Darkrai EX without discarding the energies. I would definately consider Aerodactyl.
  2. Entei


    I think Cheren is better in the long run, because of it's consistency. Anyhow, I do also believe Bianca may be better in some circumstances. And btw, about Juniper... I've found both Bianca and Cheren more efficient in decks with many evolutions. You just can't afford losing those pokémon lines...
  3. Entei

    Scolipede Venoshock

    Great deck, all though the item list seems a little inconsistent. Why no bicycle / juniper combination?
  4. Entei

    Your opinion on rogue decks is ridiculous. I think you've misinterpreted what a rogue deck is. A...

    Your opinion on rogue decks is ridiculous. I think you've misinterpreted what a rogue deck is. A rogue deck is a not-so-much-seen-before deck, either with a new and genius combinations of cards, or a new varient of playing a card no one thought of before. A rogue deck is still rogue even though...
  5. Entei

    Lions with some tech (Terrakion)

    Cool idea. I've been thinking about this myself, but I've found it bad for the consistency using Terrakion in it. Please update me on how it's matchups are! Anyway, isn't 4 Max Potion a bit overkill? I would maybe change two of them for two eviolite.
  6. Entei

    Wait what? (Plusle/Minun/Insanity)

    I prefered the energies without the Skyarrow. This way it's easier to distrupt with Pokémon Catcher. Also, it's necessary for the deck to be able to start spreading early game.
  7. Entei

    Fire Lions (Entei EX)

    I've tested ALOT with QuadLion variants. The best way in my opinion is using eviolite with lots of switches and super scoop ups. Also, Max Potion can be useful. Entei EX is a great tank, and it's ability of retreaving energy is it's clue. However, you're already using this kind of variant, so...
  8. Entei

    Bodyblow (Garbodor/Mewtwo/Terrakion) BW-on

    Personally, I would've went with more Terrakion EXs. The basic synergy of Mewtwo/Terrakion is using your Terrakion EX to charge up your benched Mewtwo EXs. Also, I think 4 Mewtwo EX is way overkill. -1 Mewtwo EX +1 Terrakion EX
  9. Entei

    Post-rotation T/S/S?

    In Japan, the staple is usually like this: 4 Juniper 4 N 3 Bianca But then again, it's Japan - you'll propably find any combination there.
  10. Entei

    Blaziken DEX (League Deck)

    Thanks guys, I'll test with Emboar, since I'm playing it BW-on.
  11. Entei

    Blaziken DEX (League Deck)

    Hey guys. I randomly got 3x Blaziken from the Dark Explorers set, and I found it quite cool. Blaziken is a real badass pokémon, and I think the card might seem som decent play. My goal is to make it as playable as possible, and I would like to brainstorm with you guys. BW-on Pocket...
  12. Entei

    Empoleon/ Terrakion

    If you are going to run Virizion, you should run more than two copies of it. It's meant to be a starter, but with only two copies of it, the odds are you're not going to start with it. I would remove a terrakion for it, as you use super rod anyhow. - 1 Terrakion NVI + 1 Virizion NVI Btw, the...
  13. Entei

    Thanks guys! It's good to be here. You guys are awesome, just like Entei.

    Thanks guys! It's good to be here. You guys are awesome, just like Entei.
  14. Entei

    Deep Blue (Kyurem + Kyogre EX)

    Pokémon Catcher is also a great way of slowing your opponent down. Catcher out those big and heavy pokémon and stall. This will give you more time which believe me - you need. This deck can be fast if you get the right draw, but most of time you are going to be a bit slower than most decks in...
  15. Entei

    Lions (Entei EX)

    You should focus more on keaping Entei EX alive, rather than letting it die. Because of it's attack, you don't really need Exp. Share. Entei EX gives up two hefty prize cards, which makes it terrible in comparison to Terrakion. It's HP however, is marvellous. That's why you should focus on a...
  16. Entei


    You could also try Entei EX / Volcarona, since you already have at least 2 Entei EX + Volcarona. I've played a lot of Entei EX/Volcarona deck myself, it works wonders. If you use the Larvesta with 3 retreat cost, you could use heavy ball to get all of your pokémon out. In conclusion, you...
  17. Entei


    Mewtwo/Eelektrik is not a very good deck in bigger tournaments. It might work in leagues, where many players don't have Mewtwo EX themselves, but a deck that consists of 4 pokémon EX that all kan be OHKO'ed by an opposing Mewtwo EX drop + Double Colorless Energy? Seems too risky in my opinion...