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  1. Mudkip711

    Anybody looking for Catchers?

    Rules 1. Lower refs sends first. 2. I only accept mint/NM cards. 3. I expect you to send in sleeves + toploader. 4. You make the first offer. 5. No stupid offers. Wants 4 Deoxys EX FA 3 Thundurus EX FA to CYL Haves 10 Pokemon Catcher 1 Heatran EX FA 1 Heatran EX 1 Tornadus EX PLF 3 Tornadus...
  2. Mudkip711

    WTB: Elite Trainer Dice

    PayPal only No stupid offers I'm looking to buy as many clear Elite Trainer dice and blue Elite Trainer dice as I can. Let me know your offers. Thanks!
  3. Mudkip711

    H: 4 Gold Catcher W: Tropical Beach

    Rules I will ship worldwide, but I'd rather stick to US. I only want M/NM cards. Tell me the condition. Person with lower refs sends first. Don't rip me off, it's not worth anyone's time. Make sure you pay the correct amount of postage. YOU make the first offer. It's MY thread. Haves...
  4. Mudkip711

    WTB: Tropical Beach

    I would like to buy 2 Tropical Beach (regular 2011) for $70 each. I live in the United States and can pay by PayPal!
  5. Mudkip711

    H: FA Bianca, ACE SPECs

    RULES YOU make the first offer. Person with less refs sends first. Don't make dumb offers. WANTS 2 FA Darkrai EX 2 FA Keldeo EX 2 FA N 3 FA Skyla 2 RH Sableye 2 RH Dark Patch HAVES ACE SPECs 2 Gold Potion 1 Crystal Wall FULL ART EX 1 Celebi 1 Black Kyurem 1...
  6. Mudkip711

    Buy from me please.

    RULES PayPal only. You pay for shipping. You make the first offer. Haves 1 Rayquaza 2 Mew EX, FA 2 Registeel EX, FA 2 Terrakion EX 1 Garchomp #90 2 Hydreigon #97 2 Sigilyph 5 Garbodor, 2 RH 2 Tool Scrapper, RH 4 Rescue Scarf, 1 RH 5 Giant Cape 6 Devolution Spray, 1 RH 5 Blend GRPD, 1 RH 3...
  7. Mudkip711

    W: Mewtwo EX

    Rules I live in the United States, and will send worldwide depending on the deal. My cards are M/NM, I expect yours to be the same. Person with lower refs sends first, unless otherwise agreed upon. I usually send on Saturdays. I'm only looking for my wants at this moment, I will not CYL. My...
  8. Mudkip711

    WTB Dark Explorers + more

    4 Golden Catcher 3 Random Receiver RH 4 Ultra Ball RH 2 Dark Patch RH 4 Dark Claw RH 3 Zoroark RH 4 Zorua (Ascension) RH All cards must be mint. I'm paying with PayPal. Please tell me how much you are selling these for. Thanks!
  9. Mudkip711

    Want to buy EXs!

    I'm willing to buy any Next Destinies EXs. They can be Full Art or regular. I'm mainly looking to buy more than one at a time, but if the price is right I'll buy any you have. The ones I'm most interested would be Gigas FA and Mewtwo FA. Also, if you have any ND Shinies I'd be interested in...
  10. Mudkip711

    I hate N.

    I wake up in the mornin' feelin like P. Diddy and get ready for the tournament. I was up until 1am deciding what to play. I decide to play everyone's favorite deck, Durant. I borrow and lot of stuff from Carl, Henry, and Matt. BTW Henry, you never got your Rotom back from me. We get to the event...
  11. Mudkip711

    Mudkip's Selling Thread! Have Kyurem, FA N, and more!

    Rules PayPal only Gift option only, unless you want to pay fees Make the first offer Haves x1 Kyurem (RH) x3 Fliptini x1 Cobalion x1 Vanilluxe x4 Gothitelle Ability (3 RH) x3 Beartic Sheer Cold (RH) x4 Pachirisu (2 RH) x2 Shaymin x4 Reuniclus (2 RH) x7 Rocky Helmet (4 RH) x7 Eviolite (5 RH) x6...
  12. Mudkip711

    Great Lakes Regionals | November 2011

    Regionals are right around the corner! Here are something details regarding the event. Info Date November 12, 2011 (Master's Top Cut will take place on November 13th) Location Allen County War Memorial Coliseum 4000 Parnell Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805 Times Registration-...
  13. Mudkip711

    New wants! [W] Mew Prime, Sunflora [H] Catchers, Collectors, Donphan Primes

    Wants x2 Rare Candy Player Rewards x2 RH Switch (Expedition) x3 RH Plus Power (Unleashed) x2 RH Super Scoop Up (Fire Red/Leaf Green) x7 Psychic Energy RH (CoL, Emerald, or HP; all must be one set) x2 Mew Prime x1 RH Oddish UD x2 RH Sunflora x2 RH Sunkern x1 Crobat Prime x2 RH Zorua BW x1 RH...
  14. Mudkip711

    WTB: RH stuff + others

    Want 4 RH Phanpy HGSS 3 RH Yanma TM 3 RH Voltorb TM 4 RH Catcher 3 RH Max Potion xX EX Emerald Energy xX CoL Energy Post your offer first and we'll go from there. MINT/NEAR MINT ONLY
  15. Mudkip711

    I go first? I win.

    So I know you don't want to read about my personal life, but here it it. I woke up, went to mass (the homily was long and boring), then came back home to get ready. My dad had to go to the bank because he owed me more money than he had on hand. He wasn't in a pleasant mood to say the least. He...
  16. Mudkip711

    Help me save up for Worlds 2012!

    Sleeves: 2 Cheren 2 Gothitelle/Reuniclus 4 Litwick 2 Sawk/Throh 2 Victini 2 Cobalion/Terrakion/Virizion 2 Pikachu/Pansear/Pansage/Panpour Cards: Primes- 1 Mew Prime 4 Magnezone Prime 4 Donphan Prime 3 Kingdra Prime 2 Absol Prime 5 Yanmega Prime 1 Machamp Prime 1 Gengar Prime Full Arts- 2...
  17. Mudkip711

    Yanmega Prime, Japanese Sleeves, Staff Politoed, Playmats!

    Rules PayPal only You offer first Shipping is $2 (for cards) Haves 4 Mew Prime 6 Magnezone Prime 5 Donphan Prime 3 Kingdra Prime 2 Absol Prime 2 Yanmega Prime 2 Zekrom FA 2 Reshiram FA 1 Lugia EX 1 Politoed (Staff Promo) 2 HGSS Playmats Japanese Sleeves (ask)
  18. Mudkip711

    Have: Even more Emerging Powers! FREE RARE CANDIES WITH EVERY TRADE

    Rules Ref Rule applies All cards must be mint/near mint If you don't ask about condition, you don't care Cards should be shipped in a toploader Don't make stupid offers You make the first offer I will only CYL if you have one of my wants Wants *I am looking to trade the regular versions for...
  19. Mudkip711

    Buying bulk! $35 for 1000! The true best rate on Beach! xP

    I'll offer $35 for every 1000 cards. Cards must be mint/near mint. Shipping is not included in the price; you pay for that yourself. Make sure the cards are packed nice and neat so they get here in a good condition.
  20. Mudkip711

    Want to buy!