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  1. xxashxx

    Is PokeBeach Supposed to Auto Reload if Not in Use Every Minute Now?

    I just noticed a few minutes ago if I idle for more than 60 seconds or so the page auto reloads now. Not a big deal. It is just the forums anyways. Thanks XD.:)
  2. xxashxx

    XY How Do I Enter Serial Codes on Pokémon X/Y?

    I see that the info threads are dead or I would post there instead. Anyway I have a code to use on my X version but not sure where to go on the Mystery Gift Menu to use the code. Also if I can't enter it until after the 31st will the code still work? Thanks XD.:)
  3. xxashxx

    Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Coldplay to Perform In Future Super Bowl Half Time Shows

    Not sure if this is the best place for this thread but: Do you guys think the NFL should allow them to perform or are they man enough to do so as they news put it? What do you Guys think? I can see Katy Perry performing because She has an excellent voice and is a very well built cover artist as...
  4. xxashxx

    Can Mewtwo be used as a rental in Pokemon Stadium for the N64?

    I am wondering if Mewtwo can be used as a rental in the game as I see in the 4 modes he does not appear. Is there a way or to use him as a rental? Ican't upload anything to my tablet version as far as I know. If Mewtwo can be used How do I unlock him. So he can be used I checked all 4 stadium...
  5. xxashxx

    Wi-Fi Trades Need 3 Pokemon cloned on my Black version

    Not sure if this is the right place and did not see a cloning thread anywhere. Howeer I need my Charizard Mewtwo and Lapras cloned in preparation for transfer to my X version. Please PM me so we can exchange FC's Thanks XD.:) EDIT: My Black FC: is 5072 5181 8171. Thanks XD.:)
  6. xxashxx

    The Gaming Frequently Asked Questions Thread Edited 1st Post Please read

    Thought I should start one since this part of the forums does not have one as of yet. If it does I am not aware of it and did not see it here. Anyway Hope I have this thread in the right place. EDIT: This thread is the Frequently Asked Questions Thread for all your Gaming questions Use...
  7. xxashxx

    Metroid Edited most recent post. Please read

    Does anyone have maps or a walkthrough I could use so I know where to go? So far I have gotten the bombs a few missile power ups the Spider Ball and pounded 3 Metroids but I need a walkthrough with maps for a better eye as this is my first time playing. I don't have the Nintendo Power issue...
  8. xxashxx

    Anyone having problems staying connected to Wi-Fi?

    I am asking because roughly every once and awhile during the hour I get kicked off my Black version so I was wondering if yiu guys are having the same problem or if it is my end. If you guys are having the same problem Nintendo's network must be having problems XD.:)
  9. xxashxx

    Smash Bros on Virtual Console

    Since the 3DS discussion thread is long dead I thought I should ask. Where is Smash Bros on VC XD? I looked in the 3DS eshop and it is not there. Thanks XD.:)
  10. xxashxx

    What site did Pokebeach merge with in July 2011?

    I have forgotten what site we merged with when we got the new layout about 2 years ago. I have searched the site inside and out and I have searched the forums inside and out but I cannot find the thread where it was announced. I even checked all of WPM's threads on his profile and could not find...
  11. xxashxx

    Is there a way I can make images come in easier on my 3 DS?

    I was wondering if there was a way to be able to make it so the images on the webpages load easier or should I just save them to my SD card? I really don't want to save them to the SD card since I know photos use a lot of blocks XD.:)
  12. xxashxx

    Why are the links on the main Page for the Forums not working?

    Not sure if this is the right place so mods please move if it is not. Thanks. Anyway When I click on the link below the news story it says the page could not be found. The only way I can access the forums now is to click the link on the left sidebar on the top left. Thanks XD. Hope someone can...
  13. xxashxx

    Wi-Fi Trades LF DW Japanese Tyranitar, DW English Tyranitar, & DW Korean Pikachu

    The title says it all. If anyone has these or all of these event please post here or PM me. My FC's are: White 0777 1176 4886 and Black 2108 8111 7759. Thanks XD. My event trade thread is here in this forum. Has around 2,000 events. Thanks XD.:)
  14. xxashxx

    Why does my browser keep loading the last page I visited?

    I think this is the right place but I am wondering why my browser is switching from our weather page to whatever page was visited automatically? I have tried setting everything back the way it was in the options on the browser and no matter what we do when the browser is closed it loads the last...
  15. xxashxx

    Wi-Fi Trades xxashxx's & InuMimi's My Player Thread - Now Open!

    The Banner was Courtesy of Echosong INFORMATION In Game Name: ASH. Diamond: ID Number 20869 Pearl: 27515 Platinum: 50377 HeartGold:37727 Friend Code: 2191 6774 7854. Pearl: 4512 0164 9297 Platinum: 0517 8901 1913 Now have a 2nd DS Use this FC: 4770 6202 9595 HeartGold: 1420 5533 3308 White...
  16. xxashxx

    Why can't I post on the forums correctly?

    Not sure if this is the right place so if it needs to be moved please move this to the correct area. Thanks. Anyway when I scroll down on any of the threads to post it only scrolls so far then stops and at the very bottom where it does stop I can see part of the background of the forums. I...
  17. xxashxx

    Do we have theme deck lists and what they include here on the site?

    I thought Serebii would but can't find any lists there. Thanks XD.:)
  18. xxashxx

    Nintendo Power is closing forever.

    Yes sad to say but after the 2012 issue for December the magazine will come to a close. The magazine was one of the longest running magazines out there. I have been a long time subscriber since 1990 off and on. Sadly there are onl 2 issues left and it has been around the last 24 years and I hope...
  19. xxashxx

    What is with the ads on the forums?

    Not sure if this is the right place so feel free to move the thread if needed. Anyway why am I seeing ads between posts? I am logged into the forums but why ads? Thanks XD.:)
  20. xxashxx

    Nintendo Repairs

    This week I sent in my 2 broken DS's and games for repair as my Brother told me do do after I called him last week. Do you guys know if my data that I have had saved for about 5 years will be intact when they come back? I am wondering because I sent my NES in for repair once but those games had...