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  1. Winkachu

    Pokemon TCG Sold Record 9.1 Billion Cards in 2021!

    Here in Latvia nearly impossible to find Pokemon TCG and if you do then it is 30-50% more expensive than buying in England and paying for the shipping cost.
  2. Winkachu

    Top 300 Entries Revealed for 2022’s Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest!

    All of these have to be printed, I enjoyed all of these artworks but this Pikachu made my day, I was laughing my ass off.
  3. Winkachu

    Pokemon Announces Record-Breaking Sales in Europe During 2021 for Pokemon TCG and Toys

    I would never buy a NFT's since you never have real ownership.
  4. Winkachu

    ‘Pokemon GO’ TCG Set to Release in June!

    Looking for all Pikachu with hats xD
  5. Winkachu

    Pokemon Center’s February 2022 TCG Accessories Revealed!

    Coin Album seems like an awesome idea but sadly they won't be available at Chaos Cards.
  6. Winkachu

    ‘Pikachu V Box’ Revealed, Includes Mimikyu Promo!

    I will vote against that law since I am pro Pika clan xD
  7. Winkachu

    ‘Pokemon TCG: Stacking Tins’ Revealed!

    Hehe, a new era of siege castles made by Pokemon tins is about to begin. I already got a couple of ideas on how to stack them xD.
  8. Winkachu

    'Chilling Reign' To Be Largest SWSH Set So Far at 198 Cards!

    So what it is the largest set?? I don't want to be a down-beaten bad mood grumpy commenter here but the truth is can't even finish collecting each set. I have used my strategy to buy every product on each set and always finish my set at 70-80% the rest of the cards that I do miss cost way too...
  9. Winkachu

    Exclusive 'Shining Fates Collections' at Walfart, Come with Jumbo Cards!

    Meanwhile in Europe Pokemon TCG products only going up in price and harder to get while in the USA these products are produced to the point people start vomiting from the nose.
  10. Winkachu

    Professor Willow from 'Pokemon GO' Coming to the TCG this Summer!

    That part where we have to do some sort of mission and then the card is mailed is such a good idea. Here in Latvia we literally have nobody selling Pokemon TCG and the only way I get cards are by purchasing at Chaos Cards/Cardmarket but it is also expensive due to shipping :(
  11. Winkachu

    McDonald's 25th Anniversary Pokemon Promotion Starts in February -- Way Too Many Goodies!

    Yea imagine Logan Paul with his goons raid McDonald's and say: " Give me 100k Happy Meal". Pretty sure if that happen they would put it on youtube and ask their advisors how much that card is worth, hmmm 10/50/100$, I don't know xD. But yea Pokemon company wants to make a new generation of...
  12. Winkachu

    'Shining Fates' is February's Special Set!

    Most of the preorders sold out and with the stores, I talked to they don't know if they can get anything from distributors. And those who do sell shining fates ETB sell for more than double the price. The cheapest I did find was 140 euros + 14 euro shipping. With Hidden Fates had the same issue...
  13. Winkachu

    'New Pokemon Snap' Releasing April 30th, New Trailer!

    If only they made Pokemon MMORPG with an open-world style game for a proper PC 1080p-4k. Oh, maybe I'll be 40 when Pokemon company get their balls together and really push for it.
  14. Winkachu

    'Battle Style' is March's Set, Introduces New Single Strike and Rapid Strike Cards!

    See for players that mean a reprint but then again I am a collector and it does kinda bother me that the whole definition is based on player viewpoints, kinda silly isn't it? :P For me, the reprint is based on the same artwork, and yea there should be key points put also on player aspects like...
  15. Winkachu

    'Battle Style' is March's Set, Introduces New Single Strike and Rapid Strike Cards!

    Am I the only one that thinks that this isn't a reprint but an alternative art print? I always thought a reprint is of exact same artwork but only set logo below is changed or typing changed on the same artwork. Guess the collector in me maybe is a little too harsh and nitpicking on how words...
  16. Winkachu

    Spring 'V Forces Tins' Revealed!

    Clearly, your idea of increasing the rates has to be combined with my idea. The reason why I went with themed set product releases is that it also does get annoying when you finish the set and then that set packs are being forced feed for future set releases, like Evolutions, Steam Siege. I...
  17. Winkachu

    Spring 'V Forces Tins' Revealed!

    That isn't weird at all. I would say Pokemon company should step up their game and make all set released themed based like they do with Hidden Fates, Champion's path, etc. Check how often a new set come, I personally can't keep up with set releases because first and foremost how expensive these...
  18. Winkachu

    'Shining Fates' is February's Special Set!

    Yea good times but is it me but I feel like the Pokemon company should think about how to reduce prices on their products. Back in old days could have finish individual sets within the 200$ range alone. Now with 500$ can hope that 85% of the set will be collected. Ok, I go watch a movie, getting...
  19. Winkachu

    'Shining Fates' is February's Special Set!

    I still haven't had a chance to buy Hidden Fates ETB and Pokeball editions, from Champion Path all 6 pin boxes haven't bought and now in February, this cool looking set will come out and caugh caugh, why I have a feeling this will be sold out during preorder by the scalpers zzz. The Pokemon...