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    Nine More “Astral Radiance” English Cards Revealed!

    Someone on the Pokemon TCG subreddit got a few packs of Astral Radiance early. Kleavor is TG08 and Garchomp V is TG23 like you listed
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    All 71 ‘Dark Phantasma’ Cards Revealed!

    Radiant Steelix falls into the category of cards like Slowbro UNB where it's not good, but very funny.
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    Special Art Calyrex VMAX Cards from S6 Revealed!

    Based on the numbering of the secret rares, it's safe to say we'll be getting four full art supporters and three alternate art V cards in each set: Silver Lance: 71/70: Volcanion V Full Art 72/70: Ice Rider Calyrex V Full Art 73/70: Ice Rider Calyrex Alternate Art 74/70: Galarian Rapidash V...
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    'Shiny Star V' Announced for November, Plus Blastoise and Venusaur VMAX!

    I'm starting to think that all of the new Galar mons will have shinies in this set (execulding the legendaries, of course).