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  1. MountainDrew

    MountainDrew's Rising Fist Prerelease

    I got up at 9, went to McDonald's and then went to the prerelease. I opened my packs and I got: Noivern Dragonite EX 2 Strong Energy Random Trainers My deck ended up being pretty straight forward: Pokémon 1- Dragonite EX Energy 17- Lightning 22- Grass So yeah lets just say I...
  2. MountainDrew

    Wi-Fi Trades MountainDrew's XY Trades FT: Come check it out :]

    Friend Code: 0688-5734-5667 Looking for battles: Yes (I play just about any format) Time Zone: EST (Eastern Standard Time) Times Available: I go to high school and I work about 20 hours a week, so I'm a busy person but I will try my best to get a time to trade. Rules *The Pokemon/Items are...
  3. MountainDrew

    Ruling Sleeves legal for tournament?

    Hey guys I went to a tourney the other day, and one of the judges said that my sleeves were illegal. I asked him why, and he said because they are not Pokemon related. What I don't understand about this is that I see people using Ultra Pro sleeves all the time and they Pokemon related. What I...
  4. MountainDrew

    MountainDrew's Year Update with Pennsylvania States!

    Pennsylvania States After getting destroyed by Blastoise last week at Maryland States, I decided that I was going to play a deck that had a semi decent matchup vs Blastoise, because that deck ruined my performance last week with my Aromatisse deck. I decided to play a team plasma deck, but...
  5. MountainDrew

    Pokemon What Pokemon has the coolest and dumbest name?

    The title saids it all, which Pokémon in your opinion has the coolest name, and which Pokémon has the dumbest name. Moved to Chillax. Way too shallow for Gen. Pokemon Discussion.~ES
  6. MountainDrew

    Need Help on Rain Dance Team

    Hey guys I have recently been using this Rain Dance team and it wins about 5 out of 10 games, but im not happy with that so I figured you guys could help me out. Accelgor @ Choice Specs Ability Hydration Moves Bug Buzz Hidden Power Ice Giga Drain Spikes Evs 4 hp 252 sp. attack...
  7. MountainDrew

    Dialga EX/Porygon Z Next Destinies- on

    Hey guys I looked over the scans of Megalo Cannon, and I found Dialga pretty interesting. I decided I would try to make it work with Porygon Z and Max Potion. Im not sure how good of a list this is, so if its not good please give me your input. Pokémon (14) 3- Dialga EX 3-1-3 Porygon Z 1-...
  8. MountainDrew

    Ruling Serperior & Rock Guard

    The other day at league this situation came up. Serperior had 80 damage on it and he used leaf storm on Garchomp with a Rock Guard. My question is would the Leaf Storm healing come first or the Rock Guard damage? Thank you for your time.
  9. MountainDrew

    What grade would this get?

    Hey guys I have this Suicune Gold Star which I want to get graded, but im not sure if it is in good enough condition to get a good grade. I was wondering what you guys think it would get if I got it graded by the PSA. Thanks once again. Front...
  10. MountainDrew

    Nascar Thread

    Hey guys I'm a huge fan of Nascar and I didn't see a thread of it on Pokebeach, so I was like Wynaut?!?!? My favorite Nascar driver is Dale Earnhardt Jr, and I want to know what Nascar drivers you guys root for.
  11. MountainDrew

    Ruling Colress Machine

    Hey a situation came today between me and my testing buddy Zach. Our question is can you use Colress Machine if there is no Team Plasma Pokemon in play, and fail it? Thanks.
  12. MountainDrew

    Ruling Diving Draw with Exeggcute

    Alright so say I have 4 Empoleon in play and 1 Exeggute in the discard. I use Propagation to get Exeggcute back and then I use Diving Draw to get it back in the discard. My question is can I use one Exeggute to keep using Propagation over and over with Diving Draw?
  13. MountainDrew

    Pokemon What was your first Pokemon card/game?

    Sup guys I didnt think there was a thread for this, so I decided to make one. Anyway what was your first Pokemon card/video game? As for me my first Pokemon video game was Pokemon yellow back in 2003 which I got at a yard sale for a buck, and my first Pokemon card was base set Machoke back in...
  14. MountainDrew

    Pokemon How has Pokemon changed your life?

    Im not sure if this is the right place for this thread, so if its not change it mods. Anyway how has Pokemon changed you guys? For me I used to be really shy, but with Pokemon I have met lots of new people and im also pretty outgoing now. Pokemon has also changed how I spend money, because now I...
  15. MountainDrew

    Drew's second half of the year cya seniors

    Hey guys today I went to the Plasma Freeze prerelease in York, PA and I got great pulls. Heres what I got that was noteworthy out of my first 6 packs 1- Shiny Empoleon 1- Execute 1- Weavile 1- Reshiram Reverse 1- Dragonite Holo 1- Plasma Traid 1- Frozen City 1- Float Stone So here was the deck...
  16. MountainDrew

    Shaymin vs. Emolga

    Emolga was always far surperior to Shaymin as the starter, but I think with the release of Plasma Freeze could impact which one the player decides to play. They both have the same HP, but the problem for Emolga is that Lighting weakness which this guy will love: Emolga will get donked often...
  17. MountainDrew

    Charizard Base Deck Help

    Hey guys im really getting sick of the format, so I figured I would take a break, and go back to the old format where cards where broken, and the game involved more skill, which overall made a more fun format. I always liked Charizard, and I have him, so I figured it would be a good deck to...
  18. MountainDrew

    Ruling Sending out Pokemon

    Hey guys I have a question about sending pokemon up. Ok so heres the scenario my Landorus EX has 150 damage on it and is poisoned (Virbank is in play), and say I knock out my opponent's Darkrai EX with Land's Judgement. The poison would also kill me so we would both die. Anyway who sends their...
  19. MountainDrew

    April Fools Pranks Help

    Sup guys April Fools is Monday and I want to get my parents, and my sisters real good, so if you guys have any good ideas I would really appreciate it. Thanks :)
  20. MountainDrew

    Mountain Drew's Epic Fakes!

    Hey guys I started making fakes and its really fun. I'm not the best at making fakes, so sorry if there not very good anyway here we go. Tyranitar (Dark) 160 HP (Team Plasma) Ability Lock Up As long as this pokemon is your active pokemon your opponent can't draw a card to begin their turn...