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  1. pokemonkosh

    Regionals Deck Choice Help

    Alrighty my friends, I'm in need of help. I'm going to Madison Wisconsin Regional Championsips for the Pokemon TCG, and I was wondering which would be the best deck choice to go with. These are my choices so far: VirGen (With or without Bloons) Seismitoad (Crawdaunt or Garbodor) Yveltal / Toad...
  2. pokemonkosh

    Durant for Expanded Fun

    The other day I was going around the TCG Online, and playing at leagues, trying to figure out what decks to run for Regionals. The most successful deck that I've played in Expanded is none other than Durant! I'm not even kidding. The decks I've beaten are as follows: Yveltal (Just couldn't...