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  1. snoopy369

    Discussion Zapdos Ultrabeasts strategy against Weezing?

    Does Zapdos Ultrabeasts have a meaningful strategy to defeat Weezing, or is that matchup just an autoloss? That's the one matchup I haven't been able to figure out yet. Too hard to avoid benching very many, and hitting 120 is pretty hard. I do play Kartana so I get the Buzzwole turn and the...
  2. snoopy369

    Help League play, how to start kids off?

    I've started a new league at my LGS, and have basically entirely 5-8 year olds right now (quite a few of them). I'm the only competitive player there (other than my 7 year old!) and most of the kids are barely at beginner stage, other than my kids none had played a match before they joined...
  3. snoopy369

    Event Regionals - how does scheduling work?

    I'm about to go to my first regional at Collinsville, along with my 7 year old son, and as they haven't published (that I've seen) an exact schedule yet, I'm curious how Day One works. (I'm not worried about Day 2, as I think it's < 10% for me to make that and < 5% for my son to.) We get there...
  4. snoopy369

    Event League Cup Nov 3/4 (Green Bay) - Lost Thunder legal in Standard?

    Hi, I might be going to a pair of league cups on Nov. 3/4 in Green Bay (Wisconsin). From what I remember there's a delay of a few weeks after a release before an expansion is part of standard; is that correct? Will Nov 3/4 league cups be played with or without Lost Thunder? Thanks!
  5. snoopy369

    Help Metagross GX Deck Versus non-GX Decks

    I've been having very mixed success against non-GX decks lately playing Metagross GX, even when I set up fairly well. This is against decks like Mach Strike x2, baby Metagross, Alolan Exeggutor, etc., which I had a lot of trouble against (1-2 against those 3 decks). I'm pretty familiar with...
  6. snoopy369

    Standard Metagross Standard

    UNec for heavy hitting if needed (I’ve had better luck with it than Dusk Mane, particularly in early game with just two energy). One baby Metagross comes in handy a lot, either for Hoopa or for Stephens Reaolve. I think it’s a bit ahy on draw support still, but haven’t figured out what to...