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  1. snoopy369

    Sylveon from ‘Pokemon GO’

    Wonder if we'll ever get Dragons weak to Psychic??
  2. snoopy369

    Orbeetle from ‘Space Juggler’!

    No, it's not being rotated, there's an F block reprint already in Japan.
  3. snoopy369

    Orbeetle from ‘Space Juggler’!

    This Orbeetle itself can hit for 330... even if your app has ZERO energy on their Pokémon. 3 energy *cards* means 3 DTEs - and 50xEnergy (not cards!) means 50x6=300 more damage! Obviously 3 DTEs won't always be possible, but plenty of Mew VMaxs would get hit for 330 with this setup (between...
  4. snoopy369

    2022 Pokemon World Championships in London, August

    From what’s been communicated- yes 2020 points carry over, and the point requirement is the same. All of that is easily found on Poké as is your current CP standings (which for us does include 2020 CP).
  5. snoopy369

    2022 Pokemon World Championships in London, August

    At SLC there were typical side events but not a league cup. There was a GLC I believe though (but that’s not an official thing, or at least not as far as I understand).
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    Energy Loto from ‘Space Juggler’!

    This is going to be huge in the Worlds meta... Drizzle has been looking for a friend to help find special energy, and here we get one! I'm sure it will be relevant after Worlds also, but with both Drizzle and Energy "search", there is way more opportunity to come back after a late knockout now...
  7. snoopy369

    Hisuian Sneasler V, Rapidash Line from ‘Space Juggler!’

    You don't need choice belt... unless it has a big charm, anyway. 3 conditions: burn, poison, plus one "card turn" condition (sleep/paralyze/confuse) That means 30 damage plus 240 = 270, then you just need a G. Zigzagoon (or other +10 tick).
  8. snoopy369

    2022 Pokemon World Championships in London, August

    Most of side events aren't cups/challenges - most of them are quite accessible even in a no-cup format. Build and Battle events, pack challenges, small 8 player pod tournaments... I suspect there will be that kind of side event. But, we won't know the answer to this for a while I suspect...
  9. snoopy369

    “Astral Radiance” Prerelease Promos Revealed!

    This doesn't always happen though - look at Galarian Meowth -> Perrserker. I agree that is probably a reasonable "rule", but it's one Pokémon breaks when it feels like it. Perrserker Actually, now that I see the cards, I see what you say - in TCG *only* it works this way (since it has to...
  10. snoopy369

    Hisuian Heavy Ball from S10!

    I don't think that I'd interpret it that way. I'm sure there will be a clarification with the rules team once there is an actual English version of the card if it's still unclear, but it would be highly irregular to have a conditional shuffle with a search (without which you gain information...
  11. snoopy369

    “Astral Radiance” Prerelease Promos Revealed!

    Better question is why did Basculegion get it? Typically they don't give the Forme prefix for Pokémon who only appear in that one location (Galarian Mewoth, but Perrserker). Wyrdeer is initially found in Hisui, so it is just Wyrdeer. But why is Basculegion Hisuian?
  12. snoopy369

    TPCi Publishes Updated COVID-19 Protocols, Live Event Registration Now Open

    Local mask mandates/etc. are irrelevant (unless they're more stringent than this in which case of course they must be followed). TPCi is saying that, *if we sanction a tournament*, you must follow our rules (just like plenty of businesses still require masks even if the locality no longer does...
  13. snoopy369

    TPCi Publishes Updated COVID-19 Protocols, Live Event Registration Now Open

    I think it's also very much appreciated by the larger event hosts - they now have a policy they can point to when people inevitably complain, that isn't theirs. It will make it much easier to manage customer service - and people are well warned about it.
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    Pokemon Announces Record-Breaking Sales in Europe During 2021 for Pokemon TCG and Toys

    But then there's ... at least three different definitions, most of which do have "Eastern Europe" starting with everything east of Germany.
  15. snoopy369

    Ruling VSTAR Power And GX Attack

    There won’t be an official ruling until VStar is out, but I can’t see a scenario where they’d be considered the same. You’ll be able to use both once per game (and yes, even the same turn).
  16. snoopy369

    Discussion What is the best pack to buy on PTCGO in terms of value?

    No to purchasing Celebrations. Purchasing for 200 coins you're getting nontradeable, so ... whatever you want cards from, I guess? Fusion Strike isn't a bad choice given you could get a Mew VMAX...
  17. snoopy369

    Help Help countering Metagross [VIV]

    I guess you're in Standard? Expanded has lots of options. :) Really, though, I'd just ask why you're worried about Metagross (VIV). I don't think I'd ever imagine seeing that in a tournament, even an online one; maybe in Ladder if your Elo isn't very high, but otherwise I don't think I've...
  18. snoopy369

    Help Help countering Metagross [VIV]

    You can turn off his ability a few ways I think, or you can knock it out… but it certainly seems like something of a counter. It’s not commonly played I don’t think, so probably not worth worrying too much about?
  19. snoopy369

    Help Sharing account with child

    No, unfortunately that doesn't work in PTCGO (and I wouldn't assume it would work in PTCG Live, either). You *can* choose specific opponents, not in Versus mode but in Friends matches (they don't give you coins or whatever, but they do let you play). But you can't choose yourself. :) My kids...