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  1. pokemonkosh

    Writing May's Fanfiction Challenge (Results)

    Apparently this wasn't read correctly. I'm not in this.
  2. pokemonkosh

    Finished May's Monthly TCG Cup!

    Grantm199 has not been able to get a match in with me yet, has not given me his TCGONE username, and has been disrespectful towards me even when I'm sick with a migrane and not want to get on much today. It's been two days and I request action to be taken.
  3. pokemonkosh

    Trades [USA] [H] Lots of EXs/FAs, Base Set-ROS Holos/Rares [W] List O' Stuff

    Rev Holo Sycamores. Three of them. Doesn't matter if they are PHF or XY.
  4. pokemonkosh

    Trades [USA] [H] Lots of EXs/FAs, Base Set-ROS Holos/Rares [W] List O' Stuff

    I got the Two Garbodor, Two RH Float Stones, and Two Strong Energy. Anything in trainers you're willing to offer?
  5. pokemonkosh

    Ancient Origins [8/15, aka Bandit Ring]

    Well , maybe if it had an effect like Garbotoxin. Delta Evolution just kind of ruins the first turn, and it makes Rayquaza too overpowered. No one's found a sincere counter yet, so I'm keeping my hopes high for something like this in the new set.
  6. pokemonkosh

    Ancient Origins [8/15, aka Bandit Ring]

    So we already got a new Ancient Trait revealed. Please have one that stops other ancient traits...
  7. pokemonkosh

    Spring 2015 Regionals Playmats, Nationals Blaziken Promo

    Hey, guys chill! At least it works with Wionna! Ish. ... ... Yeah this is getting old. We might as well give Ditto a move that is called Transform Ball, does 20 times the number of Pokemon that are mediocre Mewtwo. It does over 200 damage every time.
  8. pokemonkosh

    Ancient Origins [8/15, aka Bandit Ring]

    Well, what I have to say to that is... People, find your own counters. Make your own cool decks. Let people run cards that they want to run, and if they do good, good for them! If you can't win, find another counter, or join 'em. It's that simple.
  9. pokemonkosh

    Ancient Origins [8/15, aka Bandit Ring]

    I'm actually thinking that I'm the only one happy that there's a Lugia-EX like this. Ever hear of the rotation? They're most likely getting rid of Mewtwo and the rest of LTR, so Lugia isn't that bad in the long run. I'm just figuring out how to run it XY-on though...
  10. pokemonkosh

    Standard Regigigas

    I'm just curious on how slow of a setup this is. It looks like a cool deck, but because of the high energy costs and low damage output, it's hard to win with this deck.
  11. pokemonkosh

    New Mega Evolution Sleeves in Japan This July

    These sleeves. They make me cry the tears of America.
  12. pokemonkosh

    Finished May's Monthly TCG Cup!

    @Camoclone Could you do something about this?
  13. pokemonkosh

    Finished May's Monthly TCG Cup!

    Game_Loss, my current opponent, has not been able to confirm an actual time for two days after an initial request of time. I request this to be taken to action.
  14. pokemonkosh

    Discussion M-Manectric and RSK Thundurus EX

    Well, I guess you could see it as a counter to Mega Rayquaza and Shaymin-EX. Other than that, it sucks. Besides, you only need Mega Manectric to KO Ray-Ray.
  15. pokemonkosh

    'Mega Master Deck Builder Boxes' Releasing in Japan

    It gets more people further into competitive play, at least. I think it's helpful. I got a lot of expensive decks, but I can't seem to get the Primal decks, or Mega Rayquaza. Things like this help the small player a lot! Unfortunately, us Americans are apparently weaker than the Japanese when it...
  16. pokemonkosh

    Upcoming Umbreon and All-Night Party Promos

    Me need now. Release it Murica. Now. Pls. I kneed it. Captain Falcon pun ahahah I'm lonely.
  17. pokemonkosh

    Standard Rayquaza EX / Shaymin EX

    That's why Altaria is in the list. Besides, if needed you can just get rid of an energy or two, get rid of a Mega Turbo, and add a Keldeo with Float Stone.
  18. pokemonkosh

    P!P/Rules XY-On Rotation Possibly Confirmed

    Does anyone have an opinion or a credible source on which TCG sets should be roatated? No matter what, the rotation is going to be huge. Hypnotoxic Laser is going to be rotated, along with Colress and Colress Machine, which are three big trainer cards in the Plasma Storm format. Flareon will be...