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    FaKeR Contest - win with fake Pokémon card images!!

    The drawing is edited, it should be okay, we'll just have to see what harrybitzo says.
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    Monday, 5/15, Better Diamond/Pearl Pics

    It seems Diamond and pearl have added real roads (For cars) in this, i'm not implying that there will be Road transport besides bikes and walking/running in the game, I just think it's cool. Also, with the clearer screenshots, i definently do want D/P now! Now I want D/P even more now!
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    Evolution, pre-evolution and middle evo (Stage 1) contest

    In this contest you must sprite or draw a pre-evolution or evolution of the pokemon listed. If your drawing is not colored, please tell us the color of your pokemon, you may put this pre-evo/Evo in a TCG card and show us in the card, or just show us it single. There will be three rounds, in...
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    Pokemon Ugliest Pokemon

    RE:  Ugliest Pokemon Take that back! >_< I can't really judge the ugliest pokemon, so i'll do the top 10 (In my opinion), and will rank their ugliness from 0 to 10. Note these are not in any order. Butterfree. God it is hidious! Not meaning to offend anyone, but my eyes hurt looking at it...
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    Thursday, 5/11, First D/P Screenshots

    I do hope Day and night returns. The absence of it in Hoen was weird! And I agree with Kururu, I hope this region is massive, the bigger, the better, I say! I think now the first screenshots have been revealed, that now we should be getting information in every coro coro issue, or every...
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    The Original trio~!

    I'm not going to repeat what mathace said, so anyway, over all they are quite good, and I hope to see more cards from you (If you make any)
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    Thursday, 5/11, First D/P Screenshots

    The illustrations of the female and male characters are cool, and I think there wearing the new divice on their wrist (Pokegear, Pokenav) I wonder what they'll call it? Pokewatch, Pokewrist? I wonder?
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    Thursday, 5/11, First D/P Screenshots

    The male trainer looks like mario O_o; The screenshots seem a bit dissapointing if you ask me. The battle seens were cool though.
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    Pokemon TCG, video games, or anime?

    The video games. i love everyone except R/B/G. I got Y/S/Gold/C/Ruby/S/E/C/XD and i'm gonna get D/P when they come out. Definantely what I voted for, The video games started the craze here too. Bonsly Away!
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    Updated: Tuesday, 5/8, Pokemon TFG, JAA T-Shirt, D/P Names Soon (E3 Info)

    RE: Tuesday, 5/8, Pokemon TFG, JAA T-Shirt, D/P Names Soon Yay! Australia gets something before the U.S!!! Okay, sorry about that, but i'm very interested in hearing that. I won't buy the TFG anyway unless they have a bonsly. Sticking to the anime will ruin it.
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    Banned Cards

    The Sentret one is sick and wrong for pokemon. So no-wonder they changed it!
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    Worst Tomokazu Komiya drawing ever

    I saw sudowoodo. I love Sudowoodo! He did the worst sudo card ever. He is a murderer! WAAAAHHH!
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    Updated: Tuesday, 5/8, Pokemon TFG, JAA T-Shirt, D/P Names Soon (E3 Info)

    RE: Tuesday, 5/8, Pokemon TFG, JAA T-Shirt, D/P Names Soon Yay! I'm the first replier! TFG, wow? Interseting I suppose. JAA T-shirt, Congrats! I wish they bought that stuff to Australia! I have a kick butt team! I also cannot wait for the D/P names. I'll keep watch! *Opens eyes...
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    Pokemon is pokémon still popular

    RE:   is pokémon still popular I'm also ten too and if you went to my old school (worst place on earth) and someone found out you liked pokemon... Bam, out of the popular league for ever and ever and ever and so on. The kids there used to call me pokemon freak because I knew so much...
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    Pokemon What is your favorite top 20 pokemon

    RE: What is your favorite top 20  pokemon Number 1 favourite. Bonsly :D 2. Tamanta 3. Sudowoodo 4. Exeggcute 5. Voltorb 6. Kyogre 7. Rayquaza 8. Suicune 9. Typhlosion 10. Swampert 11. Muskip 12. Marshtomp 13. Feraligatr 14. Gyarados 15. Metagross 16. Silcoon 17. Cascoon 18...
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    Worst Tomokazu Komiya drawing ever

    The magnamites look like blobs of grey water with bolts attatched. The zubat is terrible, and god, he murdered exeggcute, one of my favourite pokemon. In my opinion, Whiscash and loudred are his best, and they are still hidious to look at. bass_forte is right too, he draws like a toddler.
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    Banned Cards

    OOOoooooooooooooookaaaaaaaaaay.... O_o; woah, why did Ken Sugimori do that? Anyway, did you find the sentret one? I want to see how weird it is I've never heard of it until now anyway.
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    Banned Cards

    Okay then.
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    Banned Cards

    Can you show us them? I'd like to see the sentret one most though, it seems very weird.
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    What's your rarest card?

    My rarest card is really new actually, believe it or not, I bought a EX holon phantoms booster pack and got a Gyarados star in it! It's my favourite card of all!