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  1. professsorpoke

    Discussion [Article] Everything Origin Palkia - Comparing it to Suicune, Versatility, and more (Sword & Shield Base - Astral Radiance)

    DISCLAIMER: This was written before the full set lists for Japanese sets Time Gazer & Space Juggler were officially revealed. Some new cards might not be mentioned and taken into consideration simply because they didn't exist yet. With our First look at the Time Gazer & Space Juggler Japanese...
  2. professsorpoke

    Discussion Shadow Rider Clayrex, Comparing it to Zoroark-GX, And the Many Ways to Build Around the Card.

    I think we can all agree that the new Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX is extremely Powerful. But I think the most impressive thing about it is it's many different ways you can play it. In a vacuum, the new Clayrex is in many ways like Zoroark-GX. Zoroark-GX had the Trade Ability, which allowed you to...
  3. professsorpoke

    Discussion Alternate Format Ideas

    I just got approved to create and run Events on I created my first event, which is a custom Format tournament, and the only set legal is Vivid Voltage.<EDIT: THIS TOURNAMENT IS COMPLETED SO DON"T TRY TO JOIN IT> I think this will create a very diverse metagame, and you...
  4. professsorpoke

    Mimikyu V in Standard?

    OK, so I haven't seen many lists with Mimikyu V or with Mimikyu V as the main focus, but I am personally a huge fan of the card. lately, I have been messing around with Mimikyu V in Dragapult VMAX. Here I am with my list: 3 Dragapult V 2 Dragapult VMAX 4 Jirachi TEU 99 1 Galarian Zigzagoon 3...