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  1. Whitefinch

    Standard Quad Attacking Hoopa

    Hello! I am starting to venture out of just collecting and I'm getting more into competitive play at my local card shop. I am not looking to go super competitive and prefer to have fun with rogue/fringe type decks. Saying that, I'd like my decks to be decent! This is Pablo Meza's list (found...
  2. Whitefinch

    Collecting Best Website For Tracking Collection?

    I love the concept of the Pokellector website ( and I use it to keep track of sets I'm actively collecting. It allows you to view scans of cards and check the cards as you obtain them, gives you a percentage of completion etc. Sadly it's very lacking in Japanese...
  3. Whitefinch

    Trades [UK-WW] Whitefinch's Trades / H: EX, Full Art, BREAK, Holo / W: Old cards, BREAKthrough, RC, Rotom,!

    Hello everybody! The majority of my cards are in mint, near mint or excellent condition and are kept in sleeves. However as some of these cards have come from eBay lots or from trades, please ask me to confirm the condition of the cards you are interested in before agreeing to a trade. I have...
  4. Whitefinch

    Collecting What Are You Currently Working on Collecting?

    I thought it'd be fun to have a topic to discuss what set everybody is currently working towards completing! Maybe you don't want to complete a full set but are hunting for specific cards. Share everything here! Currently I'm working towards fully completing the original Wizards of the Coast...